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Bruce Nussbaum - Creative Intelligence

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Nussbaum constructs a sense of inspiration to us college students, if we follow our passion, we can make anything we want. “The first step in becoming a maker just might be imagining the satisfaction that can come with creating something… leaves them much more invigorated than sitting in front of the television or ordering in takeout” (Nussbaum 219). There are many real world examples that Nussbaum didn’t use, one of those could be Nicholas Woodman, the creator of GoPro. Just like Nussbaum stated, Woodman stayed in his garage about 15 hours a day, trying to create the first GoPro. He came up with the idea of GoPro while he was doing the sport he was the most passionate about; surfing. The final process of creative intelligence is you; do you have the determination and willpower to start from an idea, into a final product. Like Nussbaum states “realizing that making things—all kinds of things—is a lot easier than you think” (Nussbaum 220), due to the resources we have around us. However; no matter how easy it can be, no matter how much creativity and ideas one has, it’s all about how much drive and fortitude the inventor has to possibly create an everyday, significant product to everyone in the world. Nussbaum inspires us to get out there, to engage in our community, to local businesses and private businesses, to become educated because there is always room for learning and improvement. Sometimes creative inspiration can come from looking at existing products and having the ability to create something like that. Nussbaum believes everyone has creative intelligence, and encourages us to create a product or innovation to fulfill everyday needs of the community. The final step is up to us if we want to take the time out of our lives to make our idea into something real. A little inspiration and encouragement can go a long way for people who are driven and creative.

In conclusion, the decreasing wages and decrease in the cost of production in the United States has created a “Second Industrial Revolution” in the United States. As a result, the statement “Made in the U.S.A.” creates positive reinforcement by many customers and creates positive appeal to many people buying American products. Blue Bell Ice Cream, an industry created in Brooklyn, shows not only the appeal to customers because of their American brand, but is a perfect example of Nussbaum’s concept of Making. Making is the process of making our creative idea come to life. Blue Bell got their ingredients from local farms in New York and Pennsylvania, which goes back to the concept of customer appeal. In addition, they’re name creates an identity to the brand, which gives it a playful stance as well as illustrating a connection to Earth. Nussbaum also inspires throughout his book. As college students, many of us are still unsure of what we want to do in life. Nussbaum voices his opinion on everyone’s vast creative intelligence and inspires his readers to go out there and create what we’re passionate about. He helps his readers focus what they’re good at, what skills they have, and gives them helpful advice as well as great examples of proof to his concepts. Nussbaum overall, does a fantastic job in this chapter, inspiring his readers that making can be achieved depending on how hard and passionate you are about your product. All in all, by reading Nussbaum, we all can learn a little something from his book, but it’s up to us to motivate and inspire ourselves to create what we’re passionate about, because our creativity is the key to success in the future.

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