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Cultural Intelligences

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I told my mum of what situation and reaction from the foreign worker and she has a different perspective of view from her point of position as third party. She told me that I should be more cultural intelligence so that do not offended other people in sense of we are from different cultural background and try to gain more information about other cultural value that others pursue in their life. She advices me that I should have value of attitudes, knowledge and skills in intercultural interaction with other people. Those of respect, openness, curiosity and discovery are essential. Openness and curiosity imply a willingness to risk and move beyond the comfort zone. It is important to demonstrate that others are valued when communicating respect to others. I learnt that these attitudes are foundational to the further development of skills and knowledge that needed for the intercultural competence.

In a nut shell, culture is a set of values and norms for group of people that prioritize what they believe. Cultural intelligence, is key to success of today’s cross culture, cross border and cross organization worker. It also an ability to understand relationship between cultural issues or business issues on the other. Mindfulness is really about paying attention to surrounding people. It helps a person to recognize and understand the differences between cultures. If individuals working in cross cultural situations can be persuaded to pay more attention, performance will going up (Culture Plus Consulting). It really as simple as it sounds, but people don’t usually take the time or effort to pay attention. Cultural intelligence is important for individuals who interact with people from different countries or religious background – those with different cultural background. Adapting is also everybody’s responsibility to take cares of the performance. If one person adapts, performance improves a little bit; if everybody adapt, performance skyrockets. (UKEssays)


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