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How Culture Affects International Business?

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Secondly, in terms of fairness, acting fairly and acting uniformly are different, and only one enables you to successfully deal with diversity in your workplace. Don't be fooled into thinking that by treating everyone exactly the same, you are demonstrating a fair attitude and respecting diversity. Instead, treat people fairly and respect the differences that make them who they are. For example, don't schedule a mandatory meeting that falls on a religious holiday as it demonstrates an insensitivity and may breed resentment and foster feelings of being left out in any employees that are unable to attend.

Next, an employee has to find a common connection in order to make the cross-cultural setting runs smoothly. There are subjects that can be considered taboo when talking with colleagues, especially when you are just getting to know them. To be respectful of someone's personal beliefs, avoid talking about religion, politics or salaries and stick to universal subjects like food, family or sports. Some casual chats are a good way to start a conversation and shows a genuine interest in improving or increasing communication.

More interestingly, we should try role reversal with the employees that we hired. Take the time to put yourself in your co-workers' shoes when language barriers or differing viewpoints become frustrating. Being American, if English is your first language, dealing with someone who has adopted English as a second language may sometimes seem time-consuming or challenging, but imagine yourself not only trying to communicate, but to work and succeed in a country where your mother tongue isn't widely spoken. Be aware of making cultural references, using slang or telling jokes that not everyone will understand and take the time to make sure you and co-workers are on the same page. Make yourself available if a colleague needs further clarification, as some workers may be shy to ask questions. Becoming aware of the obstacles new immigrants face in the workplace is a good way to practice the old adage of treating people the way that you would like to be treated.

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