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Chapter 8: External Validity Research Methods Notes

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- Include generalization factors such as sex or race of the participant in the study’s design

- An interaction would indicate a limitation on generalizability

- Design research projects to systematically replicate findings as a test of their generalizability when the appropriate factors cannot be included in a single design

- Test hypothesis under different conditions

- Interpret the results of research in light of the limits design places on generalization

- Just because an IV has same outcome under different conditions does not mean that the same psychological processes were operating under both sets of conditions

Assessing Ecological Validity

- Components of ecological validity: assess the degree to which the research exhibits conceptual, functional and structural verisimilitude

- Success criteria (p 229)

Lab Research & Ecological Validity

- In defense of traditional lab procedures:

- Ecological validity, when defined solely in terms of structure, is irrelevant to, and in some cases may hinder, the purposes of research

- Testing of causal hypotheses, falsification of theoretical propositions, discovery of new phenomena, and dissection of complex phenomena would be impossible in natural settings

- Ecological validity is an empirical question

- Conducting research in natural settings does not guarantee its external validity in the sense of generalizability

- The structural component of external validity is inappropriately given priority over the functional and conceptual components (which can both be achieved in the lab)

- Analog research: research that attempts to extract essential aspects of natural setting and reproduce them in the lab

External & Internal Validity

- Both desirable characteristics but impossible to maximize both simultaneously

- Enhancing the internal validity by carefully controlling all possible sources of extraneous variance increases its artificiality which can limit the generalizability and ecological validity of its results


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