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Ethical Issues in Research

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society and the participating individual, length of time the participant is expected to be involved, contact information, and participants rights to withdraw from experiment anytime.

Debrief is when the participant gets an explanation of what is going to happen and have their questions answered. This is for the participants to feel calm, collected and informed about the experiment. The main purpose for debriefing is to help the participant leave the experimental situation in a similar feel of mind as when they entered it.

Protection of participants is quite self explanatory, it is for the researchers to ensure that those involved in the research will not be in danger. They will and must be protected from any form of physical and mental harm. This also includes embarrassing, frightening, offending or harming the participants in any way. Researchers must also consider taking special care for the vulnerable group or the children, babies and the elderly by making the their participation brief as they tire easily and can not focus as well.

Confidentiality is when the data given from the participants must be kept anonymous unless they give their full consent and their names can not be revealed in any research reports. Even if the researchers find that the participants have conducted illegal acts they have no legal obligation to reveal this unless they want to.

Lastly is withdrawal from an investigation. Participants should be able to leave the experiment as they freely choose and should not be ridiculed for it. They should be debriefed about this in the beginning and should be ensured that nothing with happen if they choose to leave.

These guidelines are comprehensive enough to lead scientists to achieve a proper balance between the need to collect data and the right of participants. But I feel like the American Psychological Association should also require all research to be approved by at least one or more Ethic Committee like the British Psychological Association. This will ensure that the experiments are truly ethical and no danger will come out of it.


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