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Res 351 - Business Research Ethics

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Integrating Other Mediums to Intervene With Research

The best way to conduct research should attempt to be on a voluntary basis which is regulated by the Belmont Report, (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, unk) as an example and by various other regulating agencies such as the National Science Foundation. There are also articles founded by The World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki that not only define the research guidelines but also audit the research as an industry aim and community benefit. It should be conducted by a non-biased group study which can formulate and show its results in a numerical designation. Even though emotions have been considered as abstract in its scientific value, there are surveys and sampling methods which give a certain credence of abstract information should be taken into account with variances of value.


When discovering various types of methodologies in conducting research. It is a social responsibility of managers to look closely at how the research is done. It does require a lot of any individual to arrive conclusively at a decision on whether or not the information provided is ethical. As leaders, of a company to any major corporation, the aim is to keep the company from becoming a failure. However, offshore and inshore outsourcing should be a study which should be scrutinized with authorities and regulations that can be viewed with objectivity, honesty, integrity and carefulness as suggested by codes and policies for research.



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