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Social Psychology

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Both Susan Fiske and Alice Eagly had various contributions in the social psychology field. The ranking between the two can be done in various start with the wards that each of the won were different from each other. Alice received a gold medal from the American Psychological Foundation Life Achievement in the science of psychology. Susan won the American psychological association early career. She was also awarded a British academy corresponding fellow, American academy of political and social sciences Gordon W. Allport fellow.

In Alice’s new research about women and leadership talks about advantage and disadvantage of women leadership. She talks about the discrimination of women in the society. She has done psychology in prejudice, sex difference, leadership styles, and feminism so as Susan has focused on sexism, stereotype, leadership and also her theory the stereotype model, she says that stereotype emerges from observations of the behavior inherited in the social roles that are occupied by members of a social group. Susan talks about gender differences where she says that women are much discriminated in the society than the men are. She says that men have more opportunities than the women have. She is working on a field of social cognitive neuroscience. Her work focuses on stereotyping, intergroup activity and the impression formation. She was awarded for unifying psychology.


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