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Social Networks

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Social Networks


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Social networks


-Alvaro correa

-Catalina Berrios

-Cristóbal González

-Jair olivares

Social networks are servers online which can make people communicate with other people by text u other, you can use Facebook, twitter or instagram and post about your interests and life. Today we're going to debate against the social networks. There's a lot of risks associated by using them, they can be harmful for people because of the waste of time, the bullying is very common, ironically contribute to a sense of isolation and your privacy can be violated.

These are the arguments that will support our thesis:

1. A possible addiction and a waste of time.

Social networks, especially for teenagers, could easily became an addiction and cause a lot of productivity in students and workers. This is more serious than it seems, workers who use social media instead of doing their work could be costing their employer millions of dollars.

A study by the University of Maryland revealed that nearly 18% of the users of social network like Facebook and twitter can't stay a few hours without checking their phones or computers and the rest of the users feel compelled to check them at least once a day. The majority say they go online to be entertained and not for something necessary.

2. Privacy and safety problems

Social networking could risk your privacy and safety. The risk associated with using social networks are well documented especially for children, according to guardchild, 29% of internet sex crime relationships started on a social media site.

Stalking via social media is startlingly common. As 63% of Facebook profiles are public, it’s very easy to check up on their former friends and their new relationships. Sometimes; you don’t know who’s viewing your profile and you don’t know what could happen next.

The majority of ex-burglars have indicated that thieves watch social media to look for potential opportunities. This is because people post something about their travel plans like photos or messages.

3. Lonely society

Ironically, online social networking can also contribute to a sense of isolation in real life. Users may disengage from real human interaction face to face in favor of virtual interactions.

The scene of people using their smartphones


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