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Social Inequality

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Everybody deserves an equal share and equal survivability in society. People deserve good housing, good health care, more attention, and they deserve to live a decent life .Societal aging and inequality are problems that the United States needs to address with the elderly. If this issue is addressed properly, the quality of life for the needy in this age group may be expected to become more viable.


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I’m interviewing Mrs.Nesida Compas. She would like her privacy to be maintained. Mrs. Compas is 75 years old.

Marie: Good Morning, How are you doing?

Mrs.Compas: Good Morning, I am well and yourself?

Marie: Good, thanks for asking! I am going to be interviewing you for my sociology class project.

Mrs.Compas: Ok, sounds great!

Marie: Let’s begin. What is your experience with aging and inequality?

Mrs.Compas: Well to answer your question, my experience with aging and inequality is that I am trying to survive. I can’t even afford a ride to the hospital or pay for my medication sometimes.

Marie: What do you think they can do to help others help you to survive this crisis?

Mrs.Compas: I think they should be able to increase food stamps because we are only given 80 dollars a month. Some people receive less. This is so bad that we have to severely budget ourselves and sometimes we are need of getting handouts from other people.

Marie: What kind of assistance should be given to help elderly people live an easier life?

Mrs.Compas: We should be given a better health plan and better government assistance in the way of housing and food stamps. Some people make more than others when we should all be provided the same help regardless of who had a better job and who didn’t

Marie: What can the government do to protect the elderly from abuse?

Mrs.Compas: The government should provide more security in the senior apartment buildings. Also, they should have a visiting doctor and a visiting nurse come more often to keep up with us and provide with more benefits.

Marie: Thank you, Mrs Compas, for your time. It was a pleasure.

Mrs.Compas: No problem. Anytime!

Author’s Notes

This topic speack to “Social Aging and Inequality. “ People chose this subject because in America where they live there are two classes of people. Classism and Minorities, the classism is based on discriminations. People feel that they are not on the same level with others. They see society composed of separate and very unequal classes. Minorities are viewed as a smaller number that are confined to a corner designated to the different races. It is important now to the world to see how people have been treated in America by classes. If you are a CEO, your treatment will be different for this level. The way of living is specially better because one’s money will give one access to living better. The author’s research experience significantly enriched her grasp of the subject matter imparted in to classroom.

People were never adequately taught how society was structured impartial via the classroom. The rich live as kings and obtain whatever they want. They travel to go on vacation. Often some of them even bring their aides with them to care for their needs. Everything that they need is just a step away from them. Their solution is reflected in who they know and they extend their influence as well as their acquired wealth money. Minorities always suffer because they invariably depend on Public assistance a “What can you do for me?” Mentality. Problems come and go, sometimes they don’t have any solution, not enough food to survive and no shelter. Those affected can’t dress appropriately according to the change of the seasons. Although they want to live a normal live it is difficult for the elderly because of their limited budgets.

The author really believes that the way some people are living in America is deplorable. The way of life makes for a distinctly different pattern between those two classes. European countries are more organized than is America relative to social equality. The former are more for caring in helping to prepare those advance in years to live out their last days peacefully with a level of respect and equal opportunity.

The knowledge people-including this observe gained from a class supported research project should be of benefit to each and every one who is concerned about and willing to advocate for a change for the better in the plight of those most in need in our society. Most typically those in their so called older years who are no longer able to fend for themselves.

Journal Reviews

The cost of the aging people as the author said: “Well-being also reflects life style and personal choices that are available to anyone: factors such as regular exercise, not smoking cigarettes ,limiting use of alcohol all contribute to good health for people of any age.” (Holmes & Holmes, 1995; Medina, 1996, 119). The author explained how people should live a healthy life and can protect their lives from illnesses, and also when people using barbituates have drugs related accidents, the consequences that come about. When they get older, those more susceptible should be able to control especially their drinking habits.

Those incharge should invest more time in the elderly to promote a healthy lifestyle. The journal argues This to their benefit. Everybody should have the same kind of plan equal once and for all. ” Relative income inequality of relative contribution to total inequality


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