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Policies and Ideologies of Trump and Hillary

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party. She was born on October 26th 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She is an alma mater of Wellesley College and Yale University. Before becoming presidential candidate, Hillary was the 67th State Secretary of United States.

The official website of Hillary Clinton is

Let us look as the policies and ideologies that Hillary supports:

- Legalizing illegal Immigrants

Hillary Clinton supports the DREAM policy and a legalization path for illegal immigrants. This includes learning English as well as paying fines. She does not support hiring of illegal immigrants without proper documents and wants to make penalties stricter for this. While she voted for building fences across the Mexican border, she does not support building wall as Trump does.

- Obamacare

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton wants to expand the Obamacare. She has proposed three free sick visits before deductible. Medicaid to be expanded via 100 percent matching funds across the states for a 3 year period. More funds to be provided for the enrollment programs.

- Increase the tax brackets for higher income groups

Clinton aims to reduce taxes for specific middle class groups. These include individuals caring for infirmed or sick family, high out-of-the-pocket medical costs, businesses hiring felons and higher education. Taxes will be increased on short term capital gains as well as investment proceeds. Income above 5 million US dollars will have 43.6 percent income tax bracket.

- Labours & Worker’s rights

Hillary Clinton has announced a 275 billion US dollar stimulus plan for the rights of Labours & Workers. Tax credits will be provided for jobs. She has also announced raising minimum wage policy to 12 dollars per hour, if elected.

- Fixing the infrastructure of America

If elected, Hillary Clinton has proposed to repair as well as expand the bridges and roads across America. She will lower the transportation costs & expand options for public transit. She has also promised to reach 100 percent internet connectivity by 2020. The national airspace and American airports will be modernized and made world-class.

Probable Outcome: What if Hillary wins?

When it comes to Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of United States, there are two important questions to ponder upon. Will she follow her husband (Bill Clinton) and create a centrist government or will she follow President Obama’s footsteps and create a more liberal and citizen-oriented government. While some say that if elected, she will make this election as the last US election ever because she will change the US demographics in such a way that there will not be any Republican candidate in future who will win. Some of the changes that we can expect are highly intervened foreign policies. She is definitely going to increase tax on the high income groups and will definitely intervene the current defense policies. However, as we discussed during the Trump assessment too, a more important question is that how serious Hillary Clinton is, in making the changes in real.

The bigger question here is which policy is actually going to be useful and beneficial for millions of Americans (as well as outsiders). All lies in the hands of fellow Americans. The decision is in your hands only and only you get to decide what happens to you at the end!


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