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Forward Style Inc. Employee Policy

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Objectives for Human Resource

Candidates that are inspired and destined to grow within the organization will always show throughout the questions that may be asked during an interview and or other process of employment. Employees with ambition to invest themselves in the organization will promote growth for the company. Also knowledge that is built during that growth sometimes can’t be replaced in the best interest of the organization.

The key purpose of HRM is to bring in people committed to provide the best quality and capable of achieving of Organizational goal. Functional: Human resource management must make sure that the right person is assigned to the right job at the right time and should also take care that the resource provided policy framework and provide the best performance. Societal: Organizations required being morally and publicly accountable to the increasing needs and growing challenges of the society (2012). The Human resource management of an Organization must work for such societal objectives to minimize the impact on the organization. Personal: Human resource management targets to help employee in meeting the personal goals along with the organizational goals because achieving personal goals leads to best employee contribution to organizational goals it can be reached by through proper training and product knowledge. It is very important to maintain, retain and motivate the employees in the Organization, which leads to increase in performance (2012). An employee’s performance and dedication to the company should always come first for the best interest of the organization.


Organizations require benefits; yet the organization should offer benefits based on its requirements and financial wellbeing. An organization cannot provide benefits which are equal to or greater than the profits; else the organization will be ruined. If the organization strategizes well and limits the benefits, it will do well. The benefits should concentrate on regular workers and be limited for part-time workers. The organization will definitely have to take into consideration the best interest of the organization, and always ways to improve. The improvement throughout the organization depends on the strategy of the organization in all aspects. Financial growth can only be present when the company is making good decisions based on those needs and the path to accomplishing those goals. Human Resource must work harder on the candidates that come into the organization for their success could mean the success of the organization.



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