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American History

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  • American Foreign Policy of Containment - Blundering to Success

    American Foreign Policy of Containment - Blundering to Success

    During the same year, Dwight Eisenhower was elected President and championed his ‘New Look’ doctrine, a modification of containment that would expand foreign policy beyond containing the progression of communism and into ‘rollback,’ the active pushback against communism where it already exists.5 While this element of his New Look

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  • American History

    American History

    - Patriarchy(misogyny) is a continuing problem in our histories, add to this racism, and you have an intersection of oppression…Give me a description based on the two reading of legacy of oppression of black women and how it continues today. In 1614, the period of great harmony just started

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  • American History Chapter 9 Notes

    American History Chapter 9 Notes

    - South attack Tariff of 1828 - Feared black rebellion (African Americans = 56% SC population) - Fear abolition of slavery - British Parliament ended slavery in West Indian Colonies (1833) - Northern efforts in Missouri to end slavery - South Carolina’s Ordinance of Nullification (1832) - Threatened secession

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  • American Idenity Essay

    American Idenity Essay

    Throughout the entire revolution, American leaders such as George Washington and John adams feared that if the Continental Army were to suffer any major defeat from the British, the colonists would realize, “ that their glorious cause was, in truth a hopeless and waste of blood and treasure.” (153) In

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  • American Involvement in the Pacific: Debate

    American Involvement in the Pacific: Debate

    first warning to the Japanese. The affirmative today has chosen to conveniently left out evidence incident at Nanking involving the USS Panay. USS Panay is a clear example of American appeasement and unwillingness to start conflict. It was an attack where Japanese aircraft bombed and eventually sunk an American gunboat

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  • American Jews View the Holocaust and Israel

    American Jews View the Holocaust and Israel

    doing it. Even if this had been the case, how can one understand what was going on, for anti-Semitism had always existed, but Jews had never been threatened with disappearing? Feingold consequently suggests that “the inability of the modern imagination to envision the world of Auschwitz affected the early Jewish

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  • American Jezebel

    American Jezebel

    the colony of Rhode Island where she set forth a law that allowed religious freedom. She eventually left Rhode Island and moved to Dutch territory. Sometime around 1643, Ann Hutchinson and her family were killed by the Indians. She was survived by six children and thirty grandchildren. LaPlante does an

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  • American Revolution Dbq

    American Revolution Dbq

    during her valedictory address when she voiced her opinion of how wrong and uncivil it was for women to be given dainty tasks based off the assumption of stereotypical standards (Document J). She believed that the role of women should be expanded beyond the house because women can do much

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  • American Society Between 1820-1848 - Ap United States History

    American Society Between 1820-1848 - Ap United States History

    The destruction of the National Bank was not the end of Jackson’s economic changes. While Secretary of the Treasury John Taney maintained Jackson’s pet banks, other state banks offered easy credit fueled by gold and silver from cotton trade with the English (Garraty, 253). This credit took the form

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  • American Ulysses: The Rise of a Forgotten American Hero

    American Ulysses: The Rise of a Forgotten American Hero

    Once again, Grant’s humble nature prevails in his domestic policy. His political agenda is evident, but as he did in his inaugural address, does not place blame on the Southerners or anyone. He promotes the education of those who do not agree with him to peacefully influence the public

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  • Americans Expansion 1800

    Americans Expansion 1800

    In seeking to establish, what he called "an empire for liberty," Jefferson influenced the country's policies toward Native Americans and the extension of slavery into the West. Despite a life-long interest in Native American culture, President Jefferson advocated policies that would dislocate Native Americans and their way of life.

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  • Americas Vietnam War

    Americas Vietnam War

    2007, p. 93) North Vietnam was bombed by the US for the first time after this. Now the US was directly involved in a war with North Vietnam, and with the GoT incident used as a springboard for his election, the nation was considered behind him if he decided to

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  • Amh 2091 - Immigration and America

    Amh 2091 - Immigration and America

    Now you may walk into a nail salon and see a shop full of Asians in America. Yes, Asians, they have migrated across the Atlantic Ocean and are also making their mark on the dance community in the U.S, the nail salons and as well as our stomachs. Driving

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  • Amish and Mormon

    Amish and Mormon

    The negatives of being an Amish can result in deadly outcomes. Referencing the massacre that happened in 2006, many believe that something could have been done faster if there was access to a phone or the families would have been through less grief if they were able to identify

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  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie

    Death Last, Carnegie’s final goal was to promote and accomplish World Peace. He believed international organizations like the EU can mediate problems and diffuse them before it gets to bad. He wrote in his book the Gospel of wealth, “The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced.” His goal

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  • Anne Hutchison - Extremist or Rebel?

    Anne Hutchison - Extremist or Rebel?

    telling them that God spoke to her directly, a privilege that only very powerful people in the Bible had. By making very powerful people look pathetic compared to her, she is making them feel weak and not in control; something that they rarely feel. We know that they never felt

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  • Another Name Check off of the Most Wanted List: the Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

    Another Name Check off of the Most Wanted List: the Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

    many people attempted to kill Bin Laden. He was extremely hard to track down. No matter how many people were looking for him, he always found a way to escape and get away and nothing stopped him from continuing with his violent path. He was always planning new attacks on

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  • Ap Us History Unit 3

    Ap Us History Unit 3

    passed as protection to the american people It increased the tariff significantly which negatively affected the South and positively affected the north It made goods much more expensive for the South, and the North reaped all the benefits. Webster-Hayne Debate 1830 Basically, New England felt left out because of westernization

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  • Ap World Ggs: Prologue

    Ap World Ggs: Prologue

    Spacious Skies and Tilted Axes - Food production spread at different rates on different continents due to the geological structure of any specific continent, like in America, the land structure did not allow the processes of farming and herding to reach Native America from the US southwest. - Agricultural

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  • Apes Free Response Questions

    Apes Free Response Questions

    Chapter 14b: Many people rely on mineral resources everyday and never realize it. From the jewelry they wear, to the soda can they throw away, to the metal that makes the car they drive – all are products of mining extraction and manufacturing. These products seem invaluable to us

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  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13

    Like all other Apollo spacecraft, Apollo 13 was made up of three main units the Service Module, Command Module, and Lunar Module. All of which played a specific role in the Apollo 13 Mission but, as a result of the explosion, those roles had to be altered. The Service

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  • Apple Case Analysis

    Apple Case Analysis

    In 2001, Steve Jobs presented a bold strategy called “Digital hub”, which emphasized its unique strength on the control of both hardware and software. Because of his valuable vision and precise foresight about the digital lifestyle, Apple has subsequently revamped and innovated its diversified products such as iMac, iPod,

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  • Applied International Macroeconomics

    Applied International Macroeconomics

    The problems in the paragraph below including incorrect figures (peso depreciation in 1982); a mistaken focus on peak inflation rather than the average extra inflation over a period of years; excessive precision (too many significant digits); inconsistent precision (sometimes 2 decimal points, sometimes none); words that aren’t words (“devaluate”

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  • Apush


    (616) and “called for the nationalizing of the RR, telephone, and telegraph” (616), as well as the “instituting of the graduated income tax” and creation of a new “federal sub-treasury” (616). Those overlooked and long-ignored rural residents and farmers demand equalizing of the rich and poor, and the unlimited coinage

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  • Apush 3.1 Essential Questions

    Apush 3.1 Essential Questions

    Indians, and France. The Indians, while not being on good terms with the colonists, joins forces with the French and agrees to attack them which gets known as the Deerfield Massacre. This attack on New England left them highly devastated and in need of help economically, emotionally, socially, and every

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  • Apush Agriculture to Industry Questions

    Apush Agriculture to Industry Questions

    It just didn’t happen, because the american dream was based on ;lies. Yet these rich though it to be true and judged those who had not succeeded economically because of it. As for the poor, the wealthy seemed like self-justified snobs. Hye bragged about their riches and said it was

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  • Apush Ch 24-32 Journals

    Apush Ch 24-32 Journals

    competition to American businesses and removing power from the hands of trust bosses. Another important part of Roosevelt’s presidency was his conservation efforts. Roosevelt worked for the establishment of federal protection for almost 230 million acres of land, 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reservations, five national parks, and 18

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  • Aquinas’ Summa Theologica

    Aquinas’ Summa Theologica

    B 4, We will talk more in class about why Aquinas thinks there could not be an infinite regress. But for now, try reading the few sentences he has written very carefully. What do you think his reason is for denying the possibility of an infinite regress? (It’s a

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  • Are Lodging Customers Ready to Go Green? an Examination of Attitudes, Demographics, and Eco-Friendly Intentions

    Are Lodging Customers Ready to Go Green? an Examination of Attitudes, Demographics, and Eco-Friendly Intentions

    --------------------------------------------------------------- 346 H. Han et al. / International Journal of Hospitality Management 30 (2011) 345–355 customers and identifying the demographic profiles of environ-mentally responsible customers can be advantageous strategies. Attempts have been made in the marketing and consumer behavior literature to identify how individuals’ ecological attitudes stimulate ecological buying

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay

    People are the main opponents of saving or donating food. Just a 15 percent reduction in losses in the U.S. food supply would save enough to feed 25 million Americans annually. It also would lighten the burden on landfills, where food waste makes up the largest component of solid

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