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American History

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  • National


    Director of Sales: Under pressure to meet your numbers, think your targets are unreasonable. Adamant that declining sales are due to industry and product offering issues, but wary of raising your concerns to the CEO because of his temperament. Too, you get a new BMW if you meet your

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  • National Study - Research Essay

    National Study - Research Essay

    The collapse of Weimar Germany and Democracy; the Great Depression in October 1929 was an incentive for the lying problems of the republic to emerge due to a weak foundation. Extremist including Hitler used this opportunity to exploit the situation of the government to seize power. The republic use

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  • Native American Flute

    Native American Flute

    other parts of Latin America began to intermarry soon after contact; this mixing of two different cultures created a brand-new culture. Native Americans did not only pass down stories, but music too.  Stories were narrated during long winter nights, the purpose of these stories being entertainment for children and adults.

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  • Native American Paper

    Native American Paper

    a very western concept. The western culture has integrated in the Native culture. A red convertible is a symbol of American domination and capitalism. It seems like Lyman has a desire to be white. Going further into the story we see that the western influence has spoiled his brother Henry.

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  • Native American Struggle

    Native American Struggle

    January 3rd, 1895 Chief Lomahongyoma and 18 other Hopi Indians were placed in the federal Prison of Alcatraz. They refused to farm plots of land away from their mesas and refused to send their children to a government run boarding school. Their goal was to keep their own way of

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  • Native American Treatment by the U.S. & Feminist Movement of the 20th Century

    Native American Treatment by the U.S. & Feminist Movement of the 20th Century

    In 1969 40% of the United States labor force was women, given the fact that most of these were secretaries, teachers, waitresses, and nurses (Zinn 506). Women were starting to make their mark on the United States, and being independent and able to support yourself was becoming bigger and

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  • Native Americans

    Native Americans

    The 1887 Dawes Severalty Act, which is also known as the General allotment Act, had a dramatic impact on the Indian Country in the context of United States colonialism. According to Kelly, L. C. (1973), the Act got its name from Massachusetts’s Senator, Henry Dawes, which authorized the allotment

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  • Native Americans and the Manifest Destiny

    Native Americans and the Manifest Destiny

    fact support the Removal Act of 1830 which gave him, the President, certain rights enabling him to "exchange" by forcing the removal of the selected five tribes from the ancestral lands against the will of the Natives. Due to this removal act, the next oncoming decades, over 40 different tribes

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  • New Changes of Chinese Cuisine in the United States

    New Changes of Chinese Cuisine in the United States

    Moreover, as mentioned above, in the early times, Chinese food was first catering to poor railroad workers and miners, therefore even today Chinese immigration has slow down, but most Americans associate Chinese food with relatively impoverished Chinese immigrants, while for Japanese cuisine, most of the Japanese Americans are familiar

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  • New England and the Chesapeake Colonies

    New England and the Chesapeake Colonies

    Economic and political differences lead to further distinction between the colonies. New England colonies were far more democratic. They did not have an aristocratic system and a prominent hierarchy. Their economy was centered on industry rather than agriculture, due to their land, which was ill-suited for farming. The people

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  • New England Colonies

    New England Colonies

    the New world. All thier day was spent seeking gold. The settlers had to find a way to make a profit or else they couldn’t come. Most English people came to the New World and became Indentured servants.This job was most popular in the Chesapeake area. Indentured servants were people

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  • New England V. Chesapeake Colonies

    New England V. Chesapeake Colonies

    fewer amount. Similar to the opinions of slavery in the civil war, the north had far less of a slave-based society. The attitudes of the two regions also varied greatly. The south often fought amongst itself, demonstrated by the Bacon rebellion in 1676 (H). The North, however, had a tightly-knit

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  • Nixon’s Concessions in China

    Nixon’s Concessions in China

    On the Indochina peninsula was the nation of Taiwan. Long looked at as a free nation by much of the world as well as the United States, the Chinese had always believed that it was part of the People’s Republic of China. The United States, during the Truman administration

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  • No Arm in Left Field

    No Arm in Left Field

    When we got to the farm we unpacked everything from the truck and we started walking to the deer stand. When we got to the deer stand me and dad climbed in the tree and got in the deer stand and sat down. When we sat down my dad

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  • Notes on Civil War

    Notes on Civil War

    WIthdrawals to washington 1862: september: Battle of Antietam Bloodiest day in history 1863: West Virginia seceded from Virginia. Border State 1863: Chancellorsville Night raid May 1863: Gettysburg Bloodiest Battle Emancipation Proclamation: Lincoln waits to have a solid victory Draft: Hire substitute or buy 300 dollars Bounty Broker: made a business

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  • Obama Victory Speech Analysis

    Obama Victory Speech Analysis

    The structural devices used by Obama also add to the optimism that he is trying to create using his speech. His speech starts with a very effective hook which engages the reader right at the start. He asks the rhetorical question “Is there anyone out there who still doubts.”.

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  • On Being a Cripple

    On Being a Cripple

    Out line: Thesis: : Disabled people was marginalized in society because people’s sympathy of disabled people that cause disabled people think them different with others, social expectation and stereotype influenced disabled people hard to identify themselves and long period disease painful kill the willpower of disabled people and cause

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  • Osama Bin Laden: The Declaration of Jihad

    Osama Bin Laden: The Declaration of Jihad

    The article “An English Translation of osama bin ladens 2004 speech” published in 2012 discusses the analysis of the orginal text and CNN translation of bin Ladens speech to the American public in 2004. It was believed that speech was meant to intervene and influence the outcome of the

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  • Our Perspective from Early Europeans' Journals

    Our Perspective from Early Europeans' Journals

    Columbus and Cabeza de Vaca’s journeys. They both described their difficulties of communication with the natives. Cabeza de Vaca suffered with diseases and starvation but was cared for by the natives even though there was a significant language barrier. He found that body language was a useful tactic of communication.

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  • Outcome of Medical Advances During the Civil War

    In the early part of the war, Benjamin Howard, a lowly young assistant surgeon, was shuttled to the sidelines with medical grunt work: changing bandages, suturing wounds, and grabbing grub for the docs. But when the other surgeons decided there was no point in treating chest wounds, Howard experimented

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  • Paul Cezanne

    Paul Cezanne

    Realism picture 1 - [pic 2] Impressionism picture 2 [pic 3] Post Post-Impressionism picture 3 [pic 4] I believe that Realism would best communicate direct message because it is real and is actually something that is happening. It is real and we can let others know the direct message

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  • Performance Pay at Safelite Auto Glass

    Performance Pay at Safelite Auto Glass

    --------------------------------------------------------------- Q3.Would you recommend the guaranteed wage in the PPP plan?Why or Why not?What would be your other recommendations in relation to the PPP plan? Ans: For the guaranteed wage in the PPP plan, I recommend the company increase the guaranteed wage as to prevent some employees may be

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  • Pizza Hut Case Study

    Pizza Hut Case Study

    Type of buying decisions made for Pizza Hut is the limited problem solving since the process involves a moderate amount of effort and time. The consumers engaged in the process usually have had previous experience with other fast foods or quick service restaurants. Since, their choice decisions are based

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  • Play 1010 Jefferson Paper

    Play 1010 Jefferson Paper

    Endless constitutional rewrites would also in effect erase our history and divorce us from the country’s original base. The constitution was designed to adapt with the evolution of the U.S. and its citizens by the augmentation of new laws rather than the replacement of original ones. Making amendments that

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  • Plessy Vs. Ferguson

    Plessy Vs. Ferguson

    of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. However, the judge, John Howard Ferguson, ruled that Louisiana had the right to regulate railroad companies while they operated within state boundaries, meaning they can choose how Louisiana railroads run. Plessy

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  • Plsi 360g - Federalist Papers

    Plsi 360g - Federalist Papers

    The paper is interpreted to people with different views because of its place in history. The ideas that Madison was exclaiming to the people seemed to be good, and they were logical to most but what was their motive. In life, everyone has a motive for doing something and

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  • Plutocracy


    madcap scheme that loses $6 billion? Plutocracy in the current American style is having pernicious effects that go beyond the dominant influence of the rich on the nation’s economy and government. It is setting precedents and modeling the unaccountability and irresponsibility that is pervading executive power throughout the society. Two

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  • Pocahontas - Romanticizing History at Its Finest

    Pocahontas - Romanticizing History at Its Finest

    around them. Therefore, a lot of the inaccurate bits were implemented because the plot called for them to happen. Completely peaceful interactions between Smith and the Indians? Oh contrary! Smith himself always felt that the Indians were below him despite the few civilized exchanges between the two groups. The real

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  • Political Courage

    Political Courage

    With these executive actions, American has taken a leadership role in starting the conversation in other countries about climate change and what they can do for it (Climate change). Obama has shown great political courage by opposing the large corporations and preserving in his determination to improve the world for

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  • Power and Privilege: How and Why Is a Social Group Represented in a Particular Way?

    Power and Privilege: How and Why Is a Social Group Represented in a Particular Way?

    and the lawn and “perfect” houses, symbolize this. This displays the ignorance of the social group, which Coates further addresses through his personal connection to the Dream. He writes that he wishes to “fold my country over my head like a blanket,” (Coates). This simile shows the American Dream provides

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