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Osama Bin Laden: The Declaration of Jihad

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The article “An English Translation of osama bin ladens 2004 speech” published in 2012 discusses the analysis of the orginal text and CNN translation of bin Ladens speech to the American public in 2004. It was believed that speech was meant to intervene and influence the outcome of the US presidential elections (Mommani, 2012). It also included a specific threat to each US state which would vote for Bush and this in turn composes an election deal to the American voters that has been presented in Osama’s message (Mommani, 2012). It can be determined that Osama bin Laden attempted to prevent the re-election of George Bush. With that being said, Osama bin Laden in this message does not treat all American individuals as if they are the same (Mommani, 2012). In fact, Osama was trying to actually justify his assaults against the United States and the reasoning behind it all. This article sheds light on Osama conveying a message to his target market that without a justifiable cause he would never attack the U.S. This source provides strong insights in regards to Osama bin Laden’s ‘justified cause’ of waging war on the U.S and the reasoning behind it.

Pat Perrin and Wim Coleman wrote the book simply labeled as “Osama Bin Laden” which was published in 2005. It addresses the attacks of September 11, 2001 and emulates how Osama ended up being a standout amongst the unsafe men on the planet. This book utilizes essential ideas and thought processes to investigate bin Laden's life, ideas and activities; it additionally dives into his decentralized yet dangerous Islamist association, al-Qaeda. However, this book primarily focuses on the rise of Osama bin Laden’s early life as a child and merely talks about the declaration of jihad or any waged war on Americans specifically for that matter. On the other hand, al-Qaeda is mentioned quite frequently but only in regards to the career of the terrorist organization. However, this book is was not the ideal secondary source to select but I indeed obtained a very strong grasp of the terrorist organization and their motives not just solely Osama bin Laden’s objectives and goals.

The primary document succinctly highlights the early stages of Osama bin Laden, where he became attracted to Islamic theology, the growth and development of his organization al Qaeda and the abundant al Qaeda linked terrorist assaults employed on American troops and political figures. The primary document in turn provides insight to the fact that terrorism in a global age does in fact exist whether we as a society like it or not. In addition, this document sheds light on the fact that in recent decades, terrorism has been acknowledged and identified mainly with the Middle east, whose people are both victims of terrorism and as well a major source of recruitment. The bombings, assassinations and kidnappings related to Middle Eastern religious and political conflict sadly took more than 1000 lives throughout the 1970’s and 1990’s. However, it was the assault on the World trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001 that caused a seismic shift in world politics and made the prevention of terrorism the 21st centry’s greatest challenge

To conclude, in further analysis and investigation of this research assignment it can be determined that the declaration of Jihad had limited immediate impact against the United States. Osama bin Laden had recently touched base in Afghanistan, which was for seeing the union of the Taliban administration after a long period of time involving civil war. The al-Qaeda Saudi pioneer needed to modify his association in Afghanistan while plotting attacks on Western focused targets. The declarations close range impact, then, was to bring Bin Laden’s profile up in transnational Islamic militant circles. Osama’s thoughts and notions turned out to be a piece of levelheaded discussions among Muslim activists over the degree and focuses of Jihad. The majority of activists stayed concentrated on neighborhood political battles as opposed to believers to worldwide jihad against the United States. With all that being said, the attacks initiated in American soil on September 11th 2001 marked a turning point in world history and the beginning of the war on terror.


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