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No Arm in Left Field

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When we got to the farm we unpacked everything from the truck and we started walking to the deer stand. When we got to the deer stand me and dad climbed in the tree and got in the deer stand and sat down. When we sat down my dad said “Now it’s waiting time.” So at about 9:30 me and dad were whispering to each other and while we were talking my dad looked over his shoulder and he whispered “Buck big buck giant buck.” When he said those words my adrenaline in my blood starting pumping and I started to shake. When I seen the deer I grabbed my gun and pulled it up to my shoulder and I looked through the scope and I aimed right behind his front shoulder. Then when I got done aiming I took a deep breath to control my shaking and I pulled the trigger slowly. Then when I pulled the trigger the gun went BOOM! When the gun made that sound there was smoke everywhere. When the smoke cleared there was a giant buck laying at 250 yards in front of us dead. I dropped the deer in his tracks. So after I got down shooting him me and my dad climbed down the tree and we went to the deer. After we got to the deer my dad ran to the truck and backed it up to the deer and when he got close enough me and dad picked the deer up and put it in the back of the truck.

When we got the deer in the back of the truck we started heading home. When we got home my dad got a rope and threw one end of a rope on the other side of the tree and we tied the other end to the deer hind leg. When we got the deer tied up we pulled it up and let it hang. Then after we got it hung up, we started taking pictures of it and when we got done taking we sent the pictures to the record book people for hunting. Then the next day we got a letter from the people that my dad sent the pictures to said that my deer scored 203 and I was in the record book in Missouri for one of the biggest deer in Missouri. That is one of my special events that has happened during my life and that is special.


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