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Personal Experience of Football Field

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out of our stance like lightning exploding in the sky, Our stances and steps are close to perfect since this has  been the same routine since as far back as our first year of football. When I get out of my stance I realized that it is now time for me to fight the way I have been doing all my life. The battle had begun. I give my all until the whistle and I know the players next to me had did the same since it ended up to be a great play with a great gain of yards. We run back to the huddle and our quarterback slowly trots over and repeats the process of calling a play once again and after he calls it I look back to one of my wide receivers and tell him that its his time to shine, He looks back and nods. He knows that he will do the best he can and that if he does  nobody will stop him. We run up to the line and I see the kid I will face once again, But this time I know he’s not better than me so I make fun of his weight by  saying “I’ll give you 10 bucks if you can get passed me and my partner so you can buy all the double cheeseburgers your big body will desire” my teammate looks at me and starts to snicker,  then the kid across from me swears and says he’s going to devour our quarterback and that’s when I start to laugh. Our quarterback once again calls the cadence and we go back into pass protection, The player opposite of me comes to me and I push him inside passing him off to my teammate  he picks him up with no hesitation and doesn’t let him anywhere close to the backfield. We give our quarterback a period of time that feels like eternity to throw and he gets a deep throw off to a wide receiver wide open downfield, when he catches the ball he shakes off a defender and runs for the endzone and scores. Our unit runs down the field and I can hear everyone going crazy, This shows me that our team had made it just a little closer to becoming a family.

  The game went on and we won by 66, and the season had ended up almost perfect with a almost perfect record. The first game was by far my favorite part of the season  not only because we won by a lot but  that first game was the beginning of the long journey to gel from a team into a family. I never knew that a sport could teach me so much about life, It has taught me how to put faith into others, and when you do they will put faith in you .But the main lesson that I’ve learned from football is that anyone can be a leader, it doesn’t matter who you are all that matters is that you can guide someone or several people into doing their job or even the right thing to do. Being a leader is a big trait to have especially in sports and that’s something I inhabited over my middle school season and it all started with one game. 


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