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Impact of the Development of Trade

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Last but not least, the westward exploration of land in the early nineteen century promoted a new trade system in the North America. This trade system was the fur trade that linked the North American with Europe and Asia. As the increasing geographical knowledge of the American West that had, soon followed by tens of thousands of explorers and settlers along this area of the river banks and open plains and the passes they crossed in the Rocky Mountains. Besides, Furs were the most valuable resources for the Native Americans to trade, including the pelts of bears, foxes, wildcats and otters. But the most favorable one was the beaver. Such hats were popular and fashionable for the gentlemen in London from the start of seventeen century. Since it was made by the beaver fur, a cloth produced by the pressing or treating of animal hair with chemicals. One of the best features were its suitability for manufacturing hats as it is waterproof and soft to touch. French settlers in Canada were also attracted significantly by the great sources of fur and they initiated to explore west for new sources of furs. Moreover, the enormous influence affect many countries unite to form the North West Company in order to develop more in Furs industry. However, the fur trade in the United States was not successful as people expected. Nonetheless, the government put in efforts to imitate the other company which accordingly may improve the fur trade. The fur trade lead Congress pass a system of government-run “factories” to trade posts on the frontier. We may see from this action that the government were kept trying to renovate strategies that increase the economy of the nation. (Isserman,42-43)

Considering all the development of trading system mentioned above, we may safely come to the conclusion that trade enhanced the economy and prospered America effectively, which should definitely attributed to the three points that benefits trade in the United States —the advantages of location, the issuing of acts that promote production, the consistent exploration of new land and resources. These three points are only three of the many advantages of the development of trade. Many of the other benefits was not included but also considered as a priority for trading system in the United States. For instance, the gaining of new land which increased the farmland and its availability to cultivate specific plants. As the battles fought between countries and different areas, the location of these land also impacted the trade significantly. Therefore, the victory of nation directly influenced the trade. A disturbance of an essential water routes within a country can result in serious consequences, such as starvation of people, economic depression and rebellions.


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