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Powersouth Research Paper

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plays a major role in the South and provides endless opportunities for American citizens (“Corporate Overview”). While providing jobs and bringing business to small towns in Alabama, it also gives back to the community. Because it is non-profit, the extra money it makes is given directly back to the community through sponsoring and holding many community events (Woods).

The future of electricity is going to be very bright. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has begun working on a project that will make electricity completely wireless. This is the process of transporting power from object to object without any wires attached (Pan). At the same time, the NRECA released a website that allows the user to interactively track solar development by electric cooperatives. This will provide new tools for the average person to fully grasp and be aware of new details about occuring events (“Cooperative Solar Capacity Interactive Website”). Another situation that will be put into affect in the future is the new regulation of electric utilities. On June 2, 2014, the EPA proposed that the state require all PowerSouth facilities to achieve a 26.7% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. Facilities are being encouraged to reduce the use of coal and fuel oil, which both produce an excessive amount of hazardous fumes (“Energy Awareness”).

It is sometimes crazy to think about life before everything we know existed. To think about a group of people sitting around trying to think of ways to get something that we think is so simple, like electricity, to a place, like a farm, is almost idiotic to us because of the time in which we live. But back then, it was a major accomplishment for


the United States. Without the establishment of electrical cooperatives, there is no telling the drastic differences there would be in today’s society. So, the answer to the previous question: our electricity all began with one man’s willingness to try and reach the secluded farm areas, and from then on, electric cooperatives, such as PowerSouth Energy, have provided us with electricity at any location.


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