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Amh 2091 - Immigration and America

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Now you may walk into a nail salon and see a shop full of Asians in America. Yes, Asians, they have migrated across the Atlantic Ocean and are also making their mark on the dance community in the U.S, the nail salons and as well as our stomachs. Driving down any street you are bound to run into about five or six nail salons and almost all of them are filled with Asians. The Asian culture has not only impacted our country but has styled it with the famous acrylic nails or the gel nail that every woman loves to get done on their hands and sometimes feet.

Maybe you don’t get your nails done, but on those crazy nights and there’s no food in the house it’s best to stop and get you a white Styrofoam box of Chinese food. Although America has added their own spin to it by adding orange and sesame chicken, our melting pot of citizens adore the steamy meat in their mouth. Lastly, Asians are taking dancing by storm by forming dance groups and taking the dance style, “tutting” to new heights.

Little Ceasers, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, Hungry Howie’s, and New York Pizza Department; all serve the same thing, pizza. Pizza was born over in Italy, and America has also brought it into their melting pot of love. Italian food is one of America’s favorite genres of food to let their taste buds explore on. The many different types of pasta, pizza, lasagna, Stromboli’s, cannoli’s and many more. Also, Italy has brought movies to America as well, including the infamous Godfather series and many more mafia movies.

America is a melting pot of fortune, food, entertainment, and freedom. We are truly a mixed breed of every other country all in one. Without immigration, the United States wouldn’t be where it is today and wouldn’t be able to make to where it is today at all.


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