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Art and Architecture of Latin America

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piece contains a lot of meaningful symbols that make it really clear to the audience of his intentions. The snake that the leader is riding is the path that will unite the countries together. In my previous paragraph I mention that the purpose of having these game wasn’t to prove which country contains the better athletes(s) the purpose of the games was to unite the countries together meaning that it served as a path to unification. "It’s a pow wow in the true sense of the word — a gathering of nations."[3] This quote that’s within the article states that cultural believes are beginning to exchange already and lets not forget pictures that were taken illustrating that the clothing is a another symbol of unifying the countries. The rider in the art piece of “Mundo” shows that it’s the leader of attempting to unify these countries. Brazil itself serves as the leader who’s trying to unite the countries together. The multiple amount of flags that are at the end of the snakes’ tail are viewed as the people who are slowly uniting as the indigenous games are progressing.

Art is a very powerful tool that can be used in many ways in this world like I mention before, it doesn’t have to include a paint brush and paper it can include any materials the artist desires. Art always contains a meaning to the artist and to the audience he/she is addressing it too. Once the audience takes in this message, it will forever be part of their life similar to the indigenous games that occurred in Brazil. “This year was the first time that the Indigenous Games have involved participants from outside Brazil” The quote itself states that this was the very first time an event like this has happened around the world so it will be impossible for the audience to forget about this life experience.

Uniting the countries may seem like an impossible mission, but it is my dream to unite the world and by doing this, then that would mean “racism” will no longer be a problem. Exactly like the art piece known as “Maraba” by Rodolfo Amoedo. This specific art represents two different cultures uniting to create a woman with mixed culturein her blood. The moment I heard/read about this article writing this assignment became extremely clear to me, not only will I be completing this assignment, but by doing this paper I was able to see one of my predecessors and take in his ideas to accomplish my dream. Finally, when you read the article and look up some pictures about the indigenous games then you can interpret that if Xul Solar was currently living amongst us he will be extremely proud of this three-day unification.

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