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  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth

    A red and gold color is used for the fantasy world. The opposite color of blue is red, which shows that the color-coding is used to create boundaries between the two different worlds. Also, while the redness shows a little bit of fear within Ofelia, the gold hue reminds

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  • Portrayal of Gandhi in Hindi Cinema

    Portrayal of Gandhi in Hindi Cinema

    Actor RajitKapoor who played the role of Gandhi in Benegal’s film, responds: Mahatma Gandhi has always been a role model for us, that's why filmmakers are exploring the various facets of his personality in their own way. Youngsters may want to emulate SRK when it comes to style and

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  • Presentation: Andante Un Poco Mosso of Schubert’s Piano Trio in B-Flat Major

    Presentation: Andante Un Poco Mosso of Schubert’s Piano Trio in B-Flat Major

    The returning of A section is full of surprises and take the audience farther away from home, E-flat major. The accompaniment figuration changes from the previous eighth notes chords to sixteenth notes arpeggiation, forming a more flowing character. Starting at the subdominant A-flat major, violin instead of the cello

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  • Pretty Hurts Beyoncé

    Pretty Hurts Beyoncé

    despite her struggle. This scene open your eyes, and help you realise the harsh reality, that somewhere out there, there are many women of all ages putting themselves through pain because they are not good enough to be accepted in as their selfs. Towards the end of the video clip

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  • Production of Commercial Paper

    Production of Commercial Paper

    Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The use of commercial paper in our daily basis plays a significant role. It was evident that most of us use these papers especially for work, school and even in households. Production of commercial paper need great amounts of resources to produce quality

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  • Race to Nowhere by Vicki Abeles

    Race to Nowhere by Vicki Abeles

    our value by deciding what to put in our textbook. For liberal arts, such as history and English, how well we do on the test is based on how well we know American’s history and culture. Some rules in school, such as obey the teacher and say the Pledge of

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  • Racial Bias in Death Penalty and Justice System

    Racial Bias in Death Penalty and Justice System

    Overall, I think all the things are just like a bad cycle: once it starts it can never stop. From long time ago, the relationship between police and the criminal justice system are wired and unreliable. The basic reason will be what white people’s relationship with the police. The

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  • Reframing What Is Forgotten

    Reframing What Is Forgotten

    However, people often fail to see things from a perspective other than society’s default. “But when we talk about violence, we almost always talk about violence from below, not above,” Solnit laments (759). This is what people are missing about climate change and it does not sit right with

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  • Representation of Metropolitan Psyche in Zahir Raihan’s Minimalist Film Kokhono Asheni

    Representation of Metropolitan Psyche in Zahir Raihan’s Minimalist Film Kokhono Asheni

    Zahir Raihan vanished on 30 January 1972 while trying to find his brother, the prominent author Shahidullah Kaiser. On 14 December just before the end of liberation war Pakistan army and /or their local collaborators arrested and killed Shahidullah Kaiser. Zahir went to Mirpur after an anonymous phone call

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  • Research on Drums in Other Cultures

    Research on Drums in Other Cultures

    ROL-MO The fourth Instrument that really captured me was the Rol-mo, this continued my admiration for Asian music. The Instrument Rol-mo is from Tibet. The term means music in general, but is commonly used for cymbals with a large central boss. Unlike the other three instruments I discussed earlier,

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  • Review of Movie: Vanilla Sky

    Review of Movie: Vanilla Sky

    There is no exact definition of truth to me. Sometimes, I define truth is universal and what I see, feel and get information from a trustworthy source and a priori knowledge. It is the thing that gives you the strength to stand for what is right. It takes you

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  • Russian and American Film Versions of the Novel "anna Karenina"

    Russian and American Film Versions of the Novel "anna Karenina"

    Incomparable Garbo's decline coincided with ascension in Hollywood of one more outstanding film Anna — Vivien Leigh. The actress who played this role in 1947 gathered, by own recognition, "reflect the strong, violent nature of obsession of Anna, the carnal passion felt by lovers to each other and a

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  • Sankofa Film Review

    Sankofa Film Review

    their homeland, enslaved and therefore dispersed throughout the world. So, in all sense of the word, “Sankofa” is deeply spiritual. As a symbol, a person, an idea, a thought, it is in every way spiritual. It is a sense of spirituality that runs deep through the veins of all who

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  • Semiotic Analysis of Life of Pi

    Semiotic Analysis of Life of Pi

    Stage 3, the return, starts with the first phase, the Refusal of the Return, where the hero must continue with his quest and metamorphosis to the real, known world, and where he finds happiness in the new, unknown world and does not wish to return. Pi discovers a magical

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  • Sobre El Montaje

    Sobre El Montaje

    - Four screenplays of I. Bergman, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1960. Citado en Sánchez, Rafael. 2003. pág. 347 De aquí podemos inferir una mayor analogía entre el lenguaje musical y el cinematográfico que entre el segundo y el verbal. Aunque la música sigue sin tener todas las posibilidades

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  • Sound Art Using Pre-Programmed Machines

    Sound Art Using Pre-Programmed Machines

    Algorithmic Composition Algorithmic composition has benefited greatly from computers. The earliest known use of computer to create a composition was in 1955 at the University of Illinois with Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Isaacson, where they created a notation score using a high-speed digital computer called Illiac with the piece Illiac

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  • Spanish Music in the Renaissance

    Spanish Music in the Renaissance

    Music in the renaissance ========== SPANISH MUSIC IN THE RENAISSANCE The marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile in 1469 created a dynamic alliance between the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and ushered in an age of prosperity and political stability for Spain. Spain also benefitted greatly by

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  • Stravinsky's Firebird - a Fiery Symphony Indeed

    Stravinsky's Firebird - a Fiery Symphony Indeed

    Donald Street in The Musical Times explains that when Diaghilev commissioned Firebird for the Ballets Russes, Stravinsky was actually the fifth choice on the docket to be the composer for this ballet. He received the commission in December of 1909, though he must have known the commission was likely

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  • Styles of Dance

    Styles of Dance

    The Chinese culture also has a rich history of Folk Dancing. The Chinese folk dances are a part of the Chinese traditional culture and have a close connection with the common peoples’ ideas, labor, and daily life in general, thus formulating a strong connection with the people. The history

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  • Tarantino's Promising Debut

    Tarantino's Promising Debut

    Another noteworthy feature of this film is its lack of traditional characterization and character development. Unlike other films with linear, chronological plots, viewers of Reservoir Dogs get a seven-minute scene of immaterial banter then immediately get thrown into the events that occur after the heist goes wrong. Although the

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  • The Alternative Way of Expression in Experimental Cinema

    The Alternative Way of Expression in Experimental Cinema

    The industry of independent film, which is quite different from the major film industry of Hollywood, also has a long history which can be dated back to the 1920s (DeFillippi & Arthur). Independent films usually do not hire long-term actors and do not own expensive facilites because of low

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  • The Blind Side

    The Blind Side

    Perception The scene that plays in our mind when hearing about perception is when Michael goes back to Hurt Village to look for his mother. This is when one of the big drug dealers he knows, Alton, tells him to come in and hang with them while he waits.

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  • The Character Nux as a Microcosm of Mad Max: Fury Road

    The Character Nux as a Microcosm of Mad Max: Fury Road

    Later on, in the segment, in a medium shot (Bordwell and Thompson 190), Nux exclaims, “I am the man who gets the sun, riding to Valhalla, (using a shot/ reverse shot, addressing Max) Witness me blood bag, witness! I live I die, I live again!” The plot of the

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  • The Chrysanthemums: Two Is Better Than one

    The Chrysanthemums: Two Is Better Than one

    such as losing a friend or moving or even changing school. When a parent has a problem, the child has a problem. when a child depend on only one parent and that parent starts to go thru struggles the child always seems to sense it. This creates fear or anxiety

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  • The Devil Wears Prada - Movie Review

    The Devil Wears Prada - Movie Review

    When I was in my semester break, I had worked as Cashier at 7Eleven. Unfortunately, my leader was a bad – tempered. He quite asked me to work at a longer time and do something that not under my scope as Cashier. He also pay my salary too late.

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  • The Estate

    The Estate

    “Well see you there,” Henry strolled over to his car. The food court was huge. Compared to the dining hall in his mansion the court was godzilla. He walked past the smell of fresh pizza from a stand. And walked over to the far east end of the court. Thomas

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  • The Green Mile Review

    The Green Mile Review

    his lowly position as a poor black man, asks to have the execution proceed. His only request is to watch a flicker show. Paul arranges for him to see the Fred Astaire movie called “Top Hat”. The executions are graphically portrayed. One is particularly gruesome because of the evilness of

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  • The Heart of Worship

    The Heart of Worship

    -kung iisipin mo, sa leader nga naten hindi naten nasurrender/masubmit yung sa sarili naten what more pa nga po sa Panginoon. 3. CONFUSSION – “What it means to surrender?” - baket nga ba ako mgsusurrender? Para kanino at para saan? - sacrificing your life or suffering in order to

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  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie

    In the past, people lives are defined by fixed roles that largely prevented people from choosing their own life. By contract, individuals in today’s society have fewer certainties or fixed roles to follow that’s why we have become detached from traditional roles and structures, leaving us with more freedom

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  • The Mission - Movie Review

    The Mission - Movie Review

    Based on my understanding, it was not philosophically intelligent for both Rodrigo Mendoza and father Gabriel to die. Father Gabriel stood up for himself and the rest of the native Indians that his way of fighting was putting a crucifix outside the mission and pray as the war between

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