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  • Outline the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

    Outline the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

    Leibniz says that there must be an explanation to the universe and it is illogical to just say there isn’t an explanation. He says that you can’t simply leave the universe without an explanation, as it’s within our minds that everything must have an explanation. Leaving the universe unexplained

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  • Outsourcing


    Many organisation report that outsource employees do not display the full same commitment and dedication shown by the internal staffs. In the study of Bryce and Useem (1998, p. 639), “a mercenary may shoot a gun same as the soldier but he will not create a revolution or die

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  • Overfishing Is the Concept of When Humans Fish

    Overfishing Is the Concept of When Humans Fish

    The ocean is one of the most important sources for food. The ocean covers approximately 75% of the earth’s surface and has also been one of the most reliable sources for food. Due to the vast size of the ocean, it is very common for people to assume that the

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  • Pacific Region of Colombia

    Pacific Region of Colombia

    Uniboyaca ========== THE PACIFIC REGION Pacific region of Colombia is in the west, bordering the Pacific Ocean, from which it takes its name. It is part of Choco and is divided into two main areas marked by Cabo Corrientes. It is bordered to the north with Panama, south of Ecuador,

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  • Paper - Case of Allison

    Paper - Case of Allison

    Allison has met her goals by interacting with individuals at her job and outings at least two times a week. Allison has met new friends and she also met a companion. She is improving with her social skills and daily check list. Allison needs to be reevaluated on her

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  • Paradoxical Thinking for Achieving Mastery

    Paradoxical Thinking for Achieving Mastery

    [pic 1] System Thinking and Paradoxical thinking relate to one another; as organizations and individuals must become “adaptable/flexible and stable/controlled” (Becoming a Master Manager, 2007, page 350) to succeed in today's world. As we live in changing, unpredictable environments, in order to be successful companies, as well as individuals

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  • Parental Conflicts

    Parental Conflicts

    - “Divorce will weaken society, demean sacred vows.” CBCP News. n.p., 27 Dec. 2012. Web. 24 Nov. 2014. - Wygant, David. “Do We Value Marriage Anymore?” Huffington Post. The Blog. 03 Jul. 2010. Web. 24 Nov. 2014. - White, Mark. “Why Get Married? The Value of Commitment.” Psychology Today.

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  • Parenting Style and Social Behavior of Children

    Parenting styles – is the third year student –parent students’ way in bringing up their children which includes promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development which could be described as Authoritative, Authoritarian, indulgent, and neglectful. Authoritative parenting – is a style of parenting that stresses self-reliance

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  • Parenting Styles

    Parenting Styles

    In the past ten years, a lot of researches have proved that those research was only partial correct, the most typical example is Amy’s daughters, which show the authoritarian parenting style still can lead to academic success. “The Chinese parents believe their kids own them everything and they should

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  • Parenting Styles

    Parenting Styles

    The Veterans class/support group will focus on numerous topics in which many Veterans struggle. Topics such as I miss war, finding purpose, trust, anger, rage, suicide, PTSD, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, guilt, and forgiveness will be discussed. To the Veteran, ONABT says, “You’re home. You may have PTSD, you may

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  • Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Berbasis Multiple Intelligent

    Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Berbasis Multiple Intelligent

    Berkaitan dengan pembelajaran yang memperhatikan keragaman potensi peserta didik, telah muncul teori yang relevan dengan prinsip pembelajaran tersebut. Teori ini dikemukakan oleh Howard Gagner yang diberi nama teori Multiple Intelligence. Lahirnya teori Multiple Intelligence Gagner memunculkan paradigma baru pendidikan dan pembelajaran, terutama berkaitan dengan konsep kecerdasan. Pada awalnya, orientasi

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  • People Listen with Ther Gut

    People Listen with Ther Gut

    an interesting exercise you can use to inspire the creation of your own Brand Driver. Town Market: eBay Yes, join me at the Town Market. Over 100 million of my closest friends and neighbors will be there. What can you buy at this Town Market, you ask? You can buy

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  • Perceptions of Intelligence: The U.S. and The Buddhist Cultures

    Perceptions of Intelligence: The U.S. and The Buddhist Cultures

    When viewing intelligence across cultures, it is evident that different cultures define intelligence in many different ways. An individual’s culture will determine how that individual views intelligence. In my opinion, due to the diversity among cultures across the world, it is not possible to have one test that will

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  • Performance Assessment Implementation Challenges

    Performance Assessment Implementation Challenges

    Use of Assessment Results Mucha (2011) states that governments understand that PMS is not a cure-all it provides a valuable tool to evaluate the effectiveness of programs. de Waal & Counet (2009) states that the PMS is one of the few proven management techniques proven to help organizations improve

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  • Person Centered Therapy

    Person Centered Therapy

    The second attitude that the person centered therapist needs to effectively communicate is unconditional positive regard, meaning a “deep and genuine caring for the client” (Corey, 2009, p. 174). In the words of Roger (1961) “the more acceptance and liking” felt by the therapist towards the client, “the more

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  • Person-Centered Therapy

    Person-Centered Therapy

    and clarifying by his own words what he heard before. Another important method is the skill of staying with the speaker’s frame of reference (Tolan, 2017). By analysing the counsellors’ interactions and responses, we can measure the level of empathy, the key of the effective therapy is the motivation to

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  • Personal and Proffessional Development

    Personal and Proffessional Development

    Moreover, as I discussed this with my peers and lecturer further questions emerged. I was astounded by those questions and began to think more critically about the complex notion of personal development. I believe that sometimes we know the cause of something, however, the reasons justifying it are deeper

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  • Personal Beliefs Essay

    Personal Beliefs Essay

    believe this is the smallest time can get but even then they believe it finishes before this so called Plank time.This means that time is not infinite to us as believed at first because it has a stoppable quantity.Which means if we can get to the smallest number of time

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  • Personal Commitement Assessment

    Personal Commitement Assessment

    Personal Commitments Assessment Name Be sure you answer both Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment before submitting. Part 1 After reading Chapter 2 in the textbook and the lecture for this topic, write a two- to three-sentence answer to each of the six questions that form the basic

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  • Personal Commitments

    Personal Commitments

    The greatest thing I can do is to live my worldview in the world and be able to adapt and develop to the other worldviews presented around me. - Reflect on your current understanding of the Christian faith. In other words, what is the essence of the Christian worldview?

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  • Personal Development Program

    Personal Development Program

    The problem is that one may suffer even more severe cultural shock upon returning home as one has already adjusted to the new way of living. So, moving to a new country can be quite overwhelming at times and sometimes you will wonder why you ever left your own place

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  • Personal Teaching Philosophy

    Personal Teaching Philosophy

    Educational philosophy has opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at my teaching strategy and techniques. When it comes to my students I need to be able to accommodate the diverse needs of each child. It must be done in a manner that helps to build

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  • Personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Described by Big 5 Personality Model

    Personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Described by Big 5 Personality Model

    After waiting five years, Donald Trump take the initiative to find the project leader and Koch who was New York Mayor to ask about the project's progress. The mayor is very pessimistic, said they do not know how to solve the difficulties faced by the workers. There are two

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  • Personality and Impulsivity

    Personality and Impulsivity

    Finally, like most lab-based situations, behavioural measures of impulsivity are limited in their external validity so that behaviour disinhibition may be different in the lab setting compared to external settings. Additionally the lab tasks rely on multiple concurrent processes such as concentration, memory and attention as well as the targeted

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  • Personality Development Case

    Personality Development Case

    Some of the research on personalities that have been helpful is the research done on twins. Twins were used to see the differences that they have due to their genetic makeup is considered to be similar. Researchers did realize that twins that are identical and twins that are fraternal

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  • Personality Essay

    Personality Essay

    Assessing personality can be done in multiple ways, psychological tests such as projective tests, and self-report inventories are among the most widely used. A projective test is a type of personality test that involves a person’s interpreting an ambiguous image; used to assess unconscious motives, conflicts, psychological defenses, and

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  • Pest Analysis and Journal Learning

    Pest Analysis and Journal Learning

    her about what her friends think and how she relates to it; she said that was the problem as her friends and spiritual partners, were against her getting a divorce – in their world a woman should bear irrespective of the circumstances she was going through. I tried to understand

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  • Pestalozzi’


    Pestalozzi believed that if children adopt the Method they will always, in practice, come to a point where very special demands will be made on their individuality: by seizing that opportunity and exploiting it, they will most certainly bring into play powers and resources that will enable them largely

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  • Peter Singer

    Peter Singer

    My third premise states, “in both cases of the child drowning because a man didn’t want to ruin his suit, and someone buying luxury items instead of donating to charity; death could have been prevented” looks reasonable because death could have been prevent by the actions of others. At

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  • Phases of Matter

    Phases of Matter

    Quimica ========== Phases of matter Solid: below melting point Liquids: overcome the bonds and intermolecular forces. Solid melts Gases: * Liquid vaporizes. * Collection of particles (collide w/each other) in constant, rapid and random motion→Brownian motion. * Fills any container (no shape)→ 2nd law of thermodynamics * Pure gas: pressure,

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