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  • Colorado River

    Colorado River

    At the beginning of the 18th century, more than 110 million tons of sediment was transported by the Colorado River every year all the way to the Gulf of California (National Parks Conservation Association, 2011). The river was very unpredictable because of the constant flooding and the constant running

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  • Com 101 - Communication

    Com 101 - Communication

    “stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself” (Adler, Rosenfeld, Proctor 66-67). In the past, my self-concept was not healthy, I did not have very high self esteem which played a factor in how I perceived myself. In Interview #2, with my best friend, I found him to speak of

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  • Com 530 - Career Exploration

    Com 530 - Career Exploration

    Diversity within organizational groups continues to grow. As it grows, group members are introduced to different cultures and languages. Those who have experience in groups with members whose native language is different from their own can immediately identify with how language can be a barrier to communication. Robbins and

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  • Commercial Banks in India

    Commercial Banks in India

    d) Loans and Advances :Loans and advances constitute the main item of bank’s assets.They are also the main source of income for the banks.They are given in the form of overdrafts, term loans and demand loans. Thus banks holds its assets in such a way that the requirements of

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  • Commodity Speculation Debate

    Commodity Speculation Debate

    For this reason, the CFTC issued its first ‘special call’ in June 2008 to assess the total investment activities (on- and off-exchange) of commodity index funds. According to Irwin & Sanders (2012), the index investment data (IID) collected through the special call provides the most accurate measure of total

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  • Common Misconceptions About Students with Disabilities

    Common Misconceptions About Students with Disabilities

    The most daring solution to this problem, though it does not seem ideal or possible, is to allow all special needs students to be mainstreamed in to all regular classes and ask the teachers to modify their lessons to fit all students. As previously stated, this is a very

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  • Communication


    produced by the speaker ii. Resolve ambiguities, both lexical and structural iii. Resolve context-dependent elements (i.e. vagueness) iv. And if steps (1)-(3) are insufficient in retracting the communicative intentions of the speaker, look for indirect messages and nonliteral uses of language. 3. With this model in mind, we can approach

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  • Communication and Crisis Paper

    Communication and Crisis Paper

    Globalization on how to communicate with social media. It is the job of social media in a disaster. Just like the water being polluted. This kind of attention in the social media can make them in charge of this disaster. Sometimes you should disagree telling some news that the

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  • Communication Plan

    Communication Plan

    In productive learning environments, students feel physically and emotionally safe, and the daily routines, learning activities, and standards for appropriate behavior are all designed to promote learning and development. Students understand that learning is the highest priority, they are respectful of others, and they accept responsibility for their actions.

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  • Communications


    , appreciative, and critical listening (matching def.) Communication is defined as... A verbal or written message Communication gap Silence indicates no interest or guilt Words - a symbol for an object concrete - name a thing or class of thing abstract - names a quality or attribute When your planning

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  • Comparative Analysis of Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan, with Special Refrence to Services Provided by Pso

    Comparative Analysis of Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan, with Special Refrence to Services Provided by Pso

    In the highly competitive world of today, the quality of service provided to customers determine whether the company would be able to retain these customers or not. The aim, therefore, is to understand and anticipate what the customers look for, when they come to a petrol pump. In case

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  • Compare and Contrast Federal Constitution and Constitution of China

    Compare and Contrast Federal Constitution and Constitution of China

    Article 8: Equality Article 8(1) of Federal Constitution states that all persons are equal before the law while article 33(2) of China Constitution states that only citizens of the People's Republic of China are equal before the law. This means there might be discrimination towards non-China citizens before the

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  • Compare and Contrast the Life of a Dolphin in the Wild and at the Seaworld

    Compare and Contrast the Life of a Dolphin in the Wild and at the Seaworld

    GAC008 AE#4 Tessa Liang BHFL45651 GAC008 Assessment Event4: Academic Research Essay Compare and contrast the life of a dolphin in the wild and at the SeaWorld Sudent’s Name: Tessa Liang Student ID #: BHFL45651 Teacher: Diana Allen Due Date: 11 January 2019 Word Count: 623 Question: Compare and contrast the

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  • Compare and Contrast, Visual Analysis

    Compare and Contrast, Visual Analysis

    All of the figures in the painting have halo’s, except for the man kneeling. Although Mary and Christ are the center of the composition, most of the figures are looking toward the kneeling figure in a clerical dress at lower left of the painting. The figures, are all placed on

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  • Compare Contrast Starry Night and Water Lilies

    Compare Contrast Starry Night and Water Lilies

    I found similarity in the use of lighting between Starry Night and Water Lilies. Both artists spent a lot of time concentrating on the light in each of the paintings. “Van Gogh´s passion for nighttime is evident in the Starry Night painting, where the powerful sky sits above the

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  • Comparison Between Public Agency of Transportation in Dubai and New York

    Comparison Between Public Agency of Transportation in Dubai and New York

    The agencies of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) serve a region of nearly 14.6 million people that spreads across 13,000 km² or 5,000 square miles in the 2 Connecticut and 12 New York Counties. Moreover, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) have more than 8.5 million customers every day that equals to

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  • Comparison Between the Rules of Evidence in Hong Kong and Indonesia

    Comparison Between the Rules of Evidence in Hong Kong and Indonesia

    Sexual offenses Criminal Laws In Hong Kong, a high-profile case involving sexual offenses has been a topic of debate. This case was appealed. HKSAR versus Tso Kin Shing was a case where the defendant lacked legal representation. The Court of Appeal ruling was a conviction for eight years. The

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  • Comparitive Summary

    Comparitive Summary

    you identity. Unique policies are policies that no one would ever think of getting due to the fact that they have never been heard of or just don’t want to consider getting these types of insurance although some of the unique insurances would or may be worth getting especially the

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  • Competition Law - Lecture Notes

    Basis -> the Australian Constitution: - Section 51 (xx): the corporation power (principal for competition - law) - Section 51(i): the overseas trade and commerce power - Section 51(i): the interstate trade and commerce power - Section 51 (xxxix): the individuals power - Section 122: the territories power Late

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  • Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program 12 Narrative Report

    Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program 12 Narrative Report

    The abovementioned accomplishment on PLS, prior to its approval were subjected to inspection and verification ,( which include review of completeness of submitted survey returns and field verification) by the composite Inspectorate Team created per Regional Special Order No. 2011-003 dated July 11, 2011. The Team Leader of the

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  • Compulsive Buying Behaviour

    Compulsive Buying Behaviour

    Analysis: Data obtained from this will be analysed using SPSS to conclude which factors affects the compulsive buying behaviour. In this we will be using factor analysis to reduce the number of constructs and then multiple regression will be used to understand between dependent and independent variables. References: 1.American

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  • Computer Applications in the Field of Criminal Justice

    Computer Applications in the Field of Criminal Justice

    Topic Related to the Computer Applications in Criminal Justice A topic I have found interesting is the use of body cameras for law enforcement officers. Nearly everyone walks around with a smart phone these days, and can quickly upload videos to social media. Almost daily, there is a video

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  • Computer Lab - Practical Question Bank

    Computer Lab - Practical Question Bank

    Sold goods to Praveen Rs.20,000. - From the following information prepare P & L account and B/S Opening balance sheet Capital 2,50,000 Building 2,00,000 Cash 50,000 Transactions: Paid Audit fee Rs.500, Paid General Exp. Rs.1,000, Advertisement Rs.1,000 Paid postage Rs.500, Printing Rs.100, Rent Rs.500. Sales Rs.60,000. Purchases Rs.21,000. Adjustments:

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  • Computerized Accounting

    Computerized Accounting

    Going from the statements the company would use to the ratios we are now onto the disclosures. With disclosures, these are footnotes that contain the major accounting policies and methods that the company follows. Additional information may be needed resulting in additional footnotes providing details for assets and liabilities

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  • Computing Value at Risk Using Descriptive Statistics

    Computing Value at Risk Using Descriptive Statistics

    ONGC [pic 2] Data from Table in page 11 Frequency Distribution Table of ONGC: Frequency distribution Bins Frequency -8 to -7 0 -7 to -6 1 -6 to -5 2 -5 to -4 3 -4 to -3 13 -3 to -2 23 -2 to -1 30 -1 to 0

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  • Concept of Takaful

    Concept of Takaful

    Mohames Sharif et al. (2011) in his research about the perception of the consumer towards Takaful found that the common problem often faced by the policyholder of Takaful is when to make the claims process where the process is too bureaucratic and complicated. Among the other factors studied were

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  • Conceptualizations of Culture and Cultural Care Among Undergraduate Nursing Students: An Exploration and Critique of Cultural Education

    Conceptualizations of Culture and Cultural Care Among Undergraduate Nursing Students: An Exploration and Critique of Cultural Education

    facilitate in undertaking the study, the survey comprised of registered and licensed nurses to serve as participants and having more than 6 months experience in delivering nursing services in acute care. The consecutive sample was enrolled from Facebook, nursing listserv,, and Myspace. The inclusion criteria to be followed for

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  • Condition and Stimulus

    Condition and Stimulus

    1-4. They used a self-report fear rating scale asking how afraid they were based on different trials. While in the second study, participates were told that they would be seeing photos of individuals of their own age. These participants were divided into three phases such as baseline, acquisition and extinction.

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  • Consequences of Global Warming

    Consequences of Global Warming

    Lastly, and most dangerous for our geography, weather, economy, and wellbeing are how global warming causes higher sea levels, and acidic oceans. The earth’s underwater ecosystems are being threatened due to our oceans becoming acidic. This is the cause of our excess emissions that are being let out; in

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  • Consequences of Technology

    Consequences of Technology

    Anyone who uses technology in excessive amounts could also be at risk of emotional affects. Social media has been the big thing for about the last 5-10 years now. You see everyone on it a least once a day. But some kids spend hours at a time on it.

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