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, appreciative, and critical listening (matching def.)

Communication is defined as... A verbal or written message

Communication gap

Silence indicates no interest or guilt

Words - a symbol for an object

concrete - name a thing or class of thing

abstract - names a quality or attribute

When your planning to use evidence in your speech

Illustration statistics analogy E.

Rash generalization

Begging the question



Speech to Convince - telling us your point of view

Plot, characters, actors, setting

Symbols , language, reference, abstract, concrete

Acronyms -

- Blend word ex. Brunch, motel

Most common misspelled word:











Connotative - definition we give a word

Denotative - definition from a dictionary

Literal - meaning word for word

Figurative - (figures of speech)

Metaphor - comparing two things without like or as

Simile - comparing two things using like or as

Personification - giving human qualities to inanimate objects

Hyperbole - exaggerating something (not meant to be taken literally)

Euphemism - telling it like it isn’t

Impressers and disguiser softeners

Quiz question:

The result of the combination of the first letter in a title or partial word in a title which are combined for easier identification is ?

A. Acronym

When the receiver becomes the sender blank occurs.

C. Feedback

The results of combining two words to create a completely new word.

B. Blend word

The communication process is circular because the sender sends a message and the receiver blanks.

D. Responds

The suggested meaning of a word is.

D. Connotation

Subconscious motivation - consciously aware of stimuli but response is subconscious

Subliminal perception - getting messages through your mind through perception

Hearing- auditory, seeing- visual, touch- tactual, smell- olfactory,

taste- gustatory


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