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Communicating with Children Assignment

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I used numerous strategies to teach school-aged children proper hand washing techniques. For example, I catered my language by selecting “…the same words the child uses in giving explanations” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p.356). By using this technique, it was easier for the children to relate to each step I was explaining. I also used an audio method by having the children sing the ABC’s while washing their hands. I provided a poster with simple instructions under each picture explaining the steps of washing your hands. Also, I gave the children a chance to discuss and ask any questions they may have. This was effective because it gave the children a chance to participate in the lesson. By showing a demonstration of hand washing to the children, it gave them a visual of exactly what is to be expected. I informed them about why it is important because that gives them the rationale behind hand washing. School-aged children enjoy knowing the “why’s” behind things; therefore, it is very important to include that in the lesson plan. Children at this age can understand sequence of events. I used this in my lesson by explaining each step in the correct order. This gave the children an opportunity to learn by sequence of events. To evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching plan, it required the children to demonstrate their hand washing abilities. While they demonstrated, I watched to ensure they counted the ABC’s. The ABC’s counting method worked well because it ensured the children washed their hands for a long enough time. Also, I watched that the children used warm water and soap. After the children demonstrated their hand washing abilities, I asked them to explain why it is important to wash their hands. It is important for them to know why they are doing it. I asked the children as well to explain when it would be appropriate to use hand washing. I found it very important for the children to be able to explain the rationale behind hand washing in order to get the main idea.

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent illness. This is important for school-aged children because at this time, the children come in contact with other children and the rate of illness increases. I used multiple techniques to instruct the children to explain and demonstrate proper hand washing. I made sure to use teaching techniques that fit with the appropriate age group. This was effective in ensuring the goal of my lesson plan had been met. In order to successful teach children; I must obtain a therapeutic relationship. This brings forward trust in the relationship. It is important to build trust because then the child will listen since they trust the person. To be successful teaching school-aged children, one must obtain a therapeutic relationship.


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