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  • Action Research Proposal

    Action Research Proposal

    Theory Behind a Guided Notes Strategy Most of the early references to guided notes in the studies read have some connection to the need to make accommodations for special populations students. Gradually we have seen guided notes being used on general population students as well. Guided notes are primarily

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  • Active Listening

    Active Listening

    D12: Yes, I am. I have been taking passengers from this place for the past 16 years. And if you spend considerable time at a single place, you realise the ins and outs of the place and understand it well. P13: So, you are pretty much invested and content

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  • Activia Consumer Behaviour

    Activia Consumer Behaviour

    difficulties with their digestive tract. Recommendations for change Elements I would take a gander at changing would be the bundling and packaging of products. As I would like to think if the assembling needs to expand piece of the overall industry they would need to show up and more hip,

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  • Adampur Gram Vikas Agency

    Adampur Gram Vikas Agency

    Savings in Bank account as fixed deposit 1.65 lakhs Interest earned on it 16500 Earning from commission on the supply of agricultural inputs to it members and marketing of their produce, Seed bank Unknown Total amount of money in hand more than 1.8 lakh (approximately) So from the calculation

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  • Adaptive Systems Within a Company’s Approach to Strategic Management

    Adaptive Systems Within a Company’s Approach to Strategic Management

    Organisations as complex systems makes us understand why there is no independent decision or policy that affects just one aspect of the organisation. Individuals working in the organisation also have other aspects to their lives besides the organisation. These may be family-life, social life, health, education and other aspects

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  • Addiction


    --------------------------------------------------------------- Article Database 2: “Family: The First Step: Addiction is a Family Disease; It Requires a Family Solution” by Hara Estroff Marano This article is about how both the addict and families approach, cope, and make way for treatment of drug addiction. Mara Estroff Marano interviews Howard Samuels, PsyD.,

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  • Additional Budget Components and Performance Evaluation

    Additional Budget Components and Performance Evaluation

    of activity budget, to ensure adequate cost control and to establish cost control measure. Honey Bear Confections actual output is 10,000 bags instead of the planned 12,000 bags, a default variance of 2000 is expected since the budgeted variable overhead is more than the actual overhead. However, there is the

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  • Adhd and Learning Environments

    Adhd and Learning Environments

    article I read titled, Academic and Educational Outcomes of Children with ADHD, encouragement is the best support that can be provided to a child with ADHD. These children need to know that they are doing their best and that is all that teachers, parents, faculty, etc., can expect out of

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  • Administration of Justice

    Administration of Justice

    Although the outside world perceives prison as a horrible place inmates see it as their home and many of them see prison as a comforting place where they know how things work and know they will always have food to eat and somewhere to sleep. Prisons isolate the prisoners

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  • Adolescents’ Attitudes About Obesity and What They Want in Obesity Prevention Programs

    Adolescents’ Attitudes About Obesity and What They Want in Obesity Prevention Programs

    8. What are the key points in the discussion? (What was the main point of discussion?) Wilson (2007) pointed out that obesity among adolescents is considered epidemic in the United States and around the world (as cited in Freedman & Stern, 2004). This trend continued to double in the

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  • Adoption and Diffusion of Bharat Interface for Money (bhim)

    Adoption and Diffusion of Bharat Interface for Money (bhim)

    - Perceived Risk: Degree to which consumer believes that there is an uncertainty (potential negative output) in adopting the new technology. Correlation of the three variables with the output (attitude) portrays a clear picture of technology acceptance.[pic 1] Attitude: A predisposed mental state regarding a technology with some degree

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  • Adventures in Linguistic Sexism

    Adventures in Linguistic Sexism

    --------------------------------------------------------------- LINGUISTIC SEXISM 6 Section Two: Gendered Language Linguistic sexism, commonly referred to as “gendered language,” furthers patriarchy and makes it harder for women to become independent beings (Amare, 2007, p. 165). An inclusive definition of linguistic sexism, “language that is supposed to include all people, but, unintentionally or

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  • Af 210 – Financial Accounting

    Af 210 – Financial Accounting

    Part B In order to determine the amortisation expense, FRU should establish if the players have a finite or infinite useful life. IAS 38 explains that an intangible asset’s useful life must not surpass the period of contractual or other legal rights which arises from the contractual or other

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  • Affirmative Action Paper

    Affirmative Action Paper

    Organizations that are not following the guidelines within affirmative action can get into a lot of trouble or receive penalties. These types of penalties may include and are not limited to elimination or termination of contracts, complaints, or criminal actions. Not being in compliance with affirmative act plans also

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  • Agency Cost - the Debt Policy of the Firm

    Agency Cost - the Debt Policy of the Firm

    of management that can be used by them for the wasteful activities. So the profitability of the firm is positively related to the agency cost. Ahmad (2009) stated that a profitable firm always holds more cash that can be misused by the manager of the firm. The larger firm caries

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  • Agile-Scrum and the Waterfall Model

    Agile-Scrum and the Waterfall Model

    Scrum Model vs Generic Agile Models The agile model does not consist of specific steps or stages and most organizations look for a model with easily defined steps when developing product. Therefore organizations turn to more specific methods within the agile movement like the scrum model. The Scrum model

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  • Agriculture Definition and Details

    Agriculture Definition and Details

    The most important thing that I’ve learned from this subject is the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Almost everything about us and everything we use top survive this life is a product of agriculture. May it be from the food we eat, to the things we wear

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  • Ah 511: Income, Risk and Consumer Demand for Healthcare

    Ah 511: Income, Risk and Consumer Demand for Healthcare

    Cost: When deciding to purchase health insurance, it is important to make decisions based on which policy and premium fits your financial situation and health care needs. Different health care polices attract different amount of premiums based on age, state of health and the family history. Other pertinent factors

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  • Akron Childrens Hospital

    Akron Childrens Hospital

    didn’t step up to the challenge the future of the hospital would be threatened. Question Six The research design can be put into context as both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is unstructured, exploratory research methodology based on small samples intended to provide insight and understanding of the problem setting.

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  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell

    In seventh grade, my class conducted this very experiment. Unlike Bell, however, my class explicitly followed the scientific method. We came up with the researchable question: Will a candle in water float while it is lit? We then researched buoyancy, found the density of wax and molten wax, and

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  • An Analysis of Tax Compliance Intentions Using the Theory of Planned Behavior in Different Organization Types

    An Analysis of Tax Compliance Intentions Using the Theory of Planned Behavior in Different Organization Types

    - Possible solutions to resolve the issue that occurred to you before conducting research Although tax evasion is seemed to be a problem that could never be completely eliminated. There are measures that could be taken to at least reduce the issue of tax evasion. An awareness should be

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  • An Analysis of the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Presence and Image:a Case of Oreo Cookies

    An Analysis of the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Presence and Image:a Case of Oreo Cookies

    [pic 2] Before this traditional branding worked because the entertainment media consisted of oligopolies and competition was limited. There were fewer channels for distribution of media and brand content and companies could force their way into the consumer's lives with paid advertisements that the audience could not opt out

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  • An Important Moment in My Life

    An Important Moment in My Life

    rest of the sideline with only inches to spare and hit pay dirt. The crowd went absolutely nuts. I had never felt so powerful in all of my young life. The energy from the crowd was intoxicating, and even in the sweltering heat, I could make out Coach Doc’s face

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  • An Open Letter to My Childhood Self- Rough Draft

    An Open Letter to My Childhood Self- Rough Draft

    You have finally made it to middle school. This is where you find out how weird people are before puberty. It is not as glorious as you thought in fifth grade. Just a helpful fact: middle school only lasts (hopefully) three years. Those years may suck a lot, but

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  • Analisa Laporan Keuangan

    Analisa Laporan Keuangan

    d. [pic 4]% = 18.068.000 - 19.998.000 = -9.65% 19.998.000 2a. [pic 5]X kali = 79.768.000 = 1,75 kali 45.684.000 b. [pic 6]x kali = 47.860.800 = 7,46 kali 6.412.000 c. [pic 7]x hari = 365 x hari = 49,93 hari = 50 hari 7,46 3a. [pic 8]% =

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  • Analysis for the Average Grade of Students at National Economics University in Vietnam

    Analysis for the Average Grade of Students at National Economics University in Vietnam

    The expected sign of two remaining variables, the number of absent days and online hours, should be negative. Obviously, missing a class is learning without lecturer and consuming more time for self-study with lower efficient. However, many students will choose the option of skipping this content or waiting until

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  • Analysis of Debt Recovery Management

    Analysis of Debt Recovery Management

    has failed to make interest or principal payments for 90 days. Consequently, the asset will be considered as NPA for the whole year. Hence for a bank to be in tune with its status of “fast growing bank”, its recovery policies should be clear and effective. The researcher has done

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  • Analysis of Graphs

    Analysis of Graphs

    working capital of the GCSL had a decrease in the first three years (2005-08), becoming zero in the third year. The levels increased during the final year (2008-09). While its competitor had the same process of increments and decrements, yet the levels of the competitor were more than the GCSL,

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  • Analyze the Article and Disney Movie

    Analyze the Article and Disney Movie

    of both sources. “Blandford did not hesitate, his finger gripped the worn copy of “Human Bondage” which was to identify her. This would not be love, but it would something special, a friendship for which he had been and must be ever grateful”(Kishor 4). Blandford was expecting the lady in

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  • Analyze the Leadership Styles of Adolph Hitler

    Analyze the Leadership Styles of Adolph Hitler

    Leadership Skills and Its Effectiveness Yes, I do believe that the leadership skill of the Adolph Hitler were so much influential and effective, in a sense that he was the one who able to make a single group of the many people that belongs to his mission. Germany and

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