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Still in Motion

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that would affect her treatment until another tumor started to form on her kidney.This required her to have the tumor surgically removed in march of 2015.The tumor would be the last thing to keep leah from finally going into remission in september of 2015.To this day in 2017 leah is still in remission and is not showing signs of relapse as she continues to strengthen everyday and can start enjoying her childhood to the fullest.

The biggest effect that this story has had on me has been on an emotional level in that it has opened me up a lot more to support causes and give my time and maybe even resources to thing I never used to.I began doing community service in my surrounding area including volunteering at our animal shelter and doing highway clean up.Helping in these ways really just gave me a new feeling of self worth and wholesomeness as a human being.I would also help different causes like American Red Cross and St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital by donating some of my extra money.These things may not seem like world changing things coming from one person but it’s a start in changing some things in our world.I have learned that life is precious and can be taken in an instant,so I cherish my life while I can enjoy it.We all have an opportunity to do such things like loving and enjoying your family,friends,pets,and activities you do on a daily basis.Disasters happen and illnesses occur but we can not lose the hope that keeps us going whether it be in down or positive times.This is what the Still’s story has taught me and if I could change some more things in my past I would.

To conclude,The Stills are together getting stronger as a family Leah has started school,Devon has gotten married plus resurrected his NFL career,and all is well.Cancer is a nasty disease that affects people everyday all over the world but with stories like the Stills gives new hope and life to those affected currently.The changes such an event can cause in the people involved and people who follow the story is astronomical and is amazing to see not only in me but others alike.I hope the effects of this story can change many others in a way to appreciate the people who care for them and the advantages they have.Devon Still and Leah Still God Bless you both for all that you symbolize and the change you have made in me.


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