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Senior Percussion

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wiggly! Piggly wiggly! Piggly wiggly! Piggly wiggly! Piggly wiggly!” Dylan said repeatedly as he thrusted faster and faster.

The seniors finally were able to completely subdue Hayden, then Dylan made the blow.

“Oh…piggly wiggly…” Dylan said lazily as he rammed his penis up Hayden’s butt more and more. When he got it as far up as he could, the seniors took more duck tape and wrapped it around Dylan’s and Hayden’s body. Then they put Dylan’s clothes back on over Hayden and him. With Hayden in the clothes as well, it hardly fit on the both of them.

“Ha-ha,” Dylan laughed gleefully. “Oh fuck, I gotta take a piss! Oh wait…” Dylan said as he looked down at Hayden. Hayden’s face filled with horror.

“Boys, you might want to step back. Things are gonna get messy.” Dylan said.

His face got tense, but then it relaxed as he peed up Hayden’s butt, filling it with pee.

“How does that feel ya stupid freshman?” He said as he continued to pump into Hayden.

Hayden was filled with pain. Inside his butthole, Dylan’s penis throbbed as it released about a gallon worth of pee.

“Ah yeah boy!” Dylan said.

When he got done peeing Dylan began to speak.

“Now that I got the first round out, time to release some cum! But first, we need to take him to the location.” Dylan said.

The seniors snuck out of the bathroom, and out of the music building and walked up the hill. At the top there was an old concrete shack with a padlock on it. The seniors unlocked it, then went inside and turned a light on. Inside there were a dozen fridges and a toilet. The seniors locked the door back and stood guard.

“Before I rape you, I need you a bit bigger but first I think you should meet Mr. Gut!”

The seniors took off his shirt, and he rubbed all of his fat over Hayden. They then took the tape off of him, then told him to stick his face to Dylan’s belly and kiss it. When his face was touching Dylan’s gut, the seniors grabbed him and then taped is head to his belly.

“Kiss ‘im and lick ‘im boy!” he said

Haydn kissed the rolls of fat and hair on Dylan’s belly. When they told him to stop and took the tape off, Dylan laid down on top of him and spread his fat, naked body all over him. Dylan moved all over the ground to cover up Hayden in his immense amount of body fat. He then got up and sat on his face.

“I hope I am not too heavy; I have only gained 400 pounds! Uh-oh! I need to rip one!” Dylan said. He then let the nastiest, wettest fart in history right on Hayden’s nose.

“Oh! I need to take a shit!” He then moved his butt over Hayden’s mouth and let out a gallon of diarrhea. The seniors then cleaned his mouth and lips. They then sat him down on the toilet and taped him to it. They grabbed his penis to make sure it was sticking straight up, the Dylan sat down on it, causing it to go up his butt. The seniors then grabbed junk food which was in the fridges and began to feed Dylan; making him fatter and heavier. Hayden couldn’t take Dylan’s increasing weight or his ever expanding fat sweaty back which was pressed right up against his face.


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