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Utopian Societies

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it changes their perspectives on the future. The way the present controls the past is because the government manipulates it and only shows the past they want the people to see, which is the basis of a utopian society.

Societies wanted to implement Utopian governments since they were meant to be prosperous and beneficial for the people. But, in reality, Utopia strips away the individuality and humanity of a person, which initially creates a dystopian society. Brave

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New World states, “They hurried out of the room and returned in a minute or two, each pushing a tall dumb waiter laden, on all its four wire netted shelved, with eight-month-old babies, all exactly alike (a bokanovsky group, it was evident). And all (since their case was delta) dressed in khaki.” They dressed the children the same to symbolize the stripping of originality. The act of stripping away the babies rights to being unique and individual dehumanizes them and makes them moldable to society. Now they can implement any rule, thought or belief into the baby’s development. The child would not know any other way of life. Therefore they will be forever molded to the same utopian lifestyle. Dehumanizing people at birth makes it easier for the government to brainwash an individual when growing up. Through progression, the government will implement new rules into their heads, and they will grow up not knowing any thoughts of their own or any beliefs. They are molded to what society wants them to be, and it all starts with the act of dressing newborn babies all alike in khaki.

Utopian societies are created to be prosperous and beneficial for the people, But, when society tries to take away the rights and freedom, it quickly manifests into a dystopian society. In the utopian society demonstrated in Brave New World , the government wants people to be so equal that they are willing to alter the genetic code of a person. It states, “All men are physicochemically equal.” said Henry sententiously. “Besides even Epsilons perform indispensable services.” The worth of people in society is defined by the government. They want to remove anything that a person might make more valuable or important than the government they live in. By doing this, they are restricting their freedom and going against the concept that states that God brought

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individuals into the world with a set of rights that can not be taken away by anybody. In this Utopian society, the people are used for their gain. It is only about what the public can provide for the government and how well their brains react to being manipulated. The party wants ultimate and total control, and the only way they can acquire that is if they come for what people value the most.

To implement stability in a government, Individuality must remain absent. The main ingredient of being unique is emotions; it is the fuel that drives a man to act on a belief, it allows a person to grow and learn and to love. Which is precisely what Utopian government is against. “Slowly, majestically, with a faint humming of machinery, the conveyors moved forward, thirty-three centimeters an hour. In red darkness glinted innumerable rubies.” The bottles are representations of an individual’s confinement. It demonstrates how people are set up behind bars and can’t escape. This society forces a person to lose who they are and live in an environment where they are always reminded of their confinement. People are meant to be free and expected to express themselves. A correct utopian society would allow a person to express their individuality and not keep it confined as if they were prisoners.

In Utopia, the society has erased the individual and at the same time stopped the human growth and development of knowledge, even while they think they are creating a perfect community. “But as a matter of fact, my dear More, to tell you what I really think, wherever you have private property, and money is the measure of all things, It is hardly ever possible for a commonwealth to be governed justly or happily” Each person in society has to do everything shared and equally or else the government could

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not prosper. Hythloday from the novel Utopia explains to More that if people were to get private properties, they would be unhappy because happiness comes in groups, not as an individual. Which potentially creates a way for the government to get into an individual’s head. If a person is alone, then they can think on their own and generate new ideas. With knowledge comes power and that is precisely what the government doesn’t want. They want equality but only if it follows their rules and regulation.

An example of a real world dystopian society is Nazi Germany when Hitler was its ruler. Hitler wanted to execute the Jewish and create the perfect race for his perfect society. He created propaganda that blamed the Jews for the war, resulting in the Germans persecuting them and sending them to concentration camps. Hitler used his government to take away the rights of individuals and strip them of their humanity. An example of a real world utopia can be America. America has a somewhat peaceful government and guarantees protection of rights as stated in the constitution. To other countries the widespread opportunity and success can be seen as Utopia. The American government has a Bill of Rights, which is the first 10 amendments of the constitution that guarantees individual liberties, while Germany when run by hitler did not have any law that protected the Jewish.

Power struggles can be identified anywhere in the world. .Power struggles between lower class and upper class, federal government and state government and even in the job place but in utopian societies the power struggle lies between the people and the government. George Orwell states, “Socialism, a theory which appeared in the early 19th century and was the last link in a chain of thought stretching back to the

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slave rebellions of antiquity, was still deeply infected with Utopianism of past ages. But in each variant of socialism that appeared from about 1900 onward, the aim of establishing liberty and equality was more and more openly abandoned.” Orwell believed that the struggle between the classes has always been an issue. There will always be a high class a lower class.The upper level will always seek domination and treat the lower class harshly. In This case, the government is the high class, and that are the ones who are trying to gain complete rule over the people below them. This can be tied with


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