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A Colorblind Society

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justice in America is if the descendents of slaves are fairly compensated for the hardships that our ancestors have faced that have trickled down to our modern day problems. Situations that did not even happen in this country are now causing people to receive big pay outs for the victims of these situations, but the blood spilled over all of America yields no sympathy for the black people who tortured here or their bloodline. Even while we are not being fairly compensated for our hardships, empathy is something that can be done by all people and that can go a long way. In my opinion, suggesting that we “do not see color” is like a slap in the face to my struggle and the struggle of my brothers, sisters and ancestors. Having your hardships be swept under the rug and ignored is one of the most infuriating parts about being oppressed and one of the most selfish and inconsiderate things that the oppressors can do.

The majority group is in such denial that the very topic of discrimination and racism often times becomes a problem for them. I find that many people even go as far as to get defensive or upset when a minority brings up their struggle. As Eduardo Bonilla Silva states in his article “Racism Wihtout Racists: Colorblind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States”, “most whites insists that minorities (especially blacks) are responsible for whatever ‘race problem’ we have in this community. The publicly denounce black for ‘playing the race card’, for demanding the maintenance of unnecessary and devisve race based programs, such as affirmative action, and for crying ‘racism’ whenever they are criticized by whites. Most whites believe that if black and other minorities would just stop thinking about the past, work hard and complain less (particularly about racial discrimination), then Americans of all hues could ‘get along”. This is far from the truths seeing that there are many programs and policies put into place that allow racism to exists in America and that also create the unfair disadvantages that minorities face in this country. Instead of trying to patch up the wounds that we have suffered, the abuser is quickly trying to ignore the fact that we are injured just so they could be able to feel good about themselves and their places in this world. This does nothing for the fact that we are still bleeding.

Regardless of personal feelings, the fact remains that there is a lot more to curing racism than just ignoring the issues, which usually never works. Despite all that we have been through as a people, there are still black people who would agree that a colorblind society is an option. These types of people have been conditioned very far into believing this. This, to me, just goes to show how deep we have gotten in regards to being brainwashed. I do not see how it is possible to agree that ignoring your own struggle and disadvantage in this country will make them all go away. The delusion that we are taught to believe is just another way of oppression.

In short, I do not believe that a colorblind society is even an option in America as it may not be for other places in the world. We are conditioned to believe certain things but must not forget that the same people telling us lies are the same ones who were keeping us caged and who are keeping us imprisoned to this day. Helping racism is not ignoring it or insisting that one does not recognize the difference in traits among people or even stereotype individuals because of it. What would really help racism in America is empathy. The acknowledgment of our struggle whether one can relate to it or not. Taking the blame for anything that a person has done to contribute to our struggle and acknowledging privilege can go a very long way. This as well as helping to dismantle the systems that we have in place that promote injustice within out communities can go a very long way. Empathy, change and reparations is all we really desire as a people. Racism is not about the majority group being comfortable and ignoring it, it is about minorities being so uncomfortable that we all do something to change it.



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