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Stela - Ancient History Essay

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is evident there are inscriptions. This has been recognised as hieroglyphics. The title translates to ‘Foreman on the right side’. This society being able to display their language onto surface indicates the are a literate society. This meaning they were able to read, write and speak all in one united language, as a form of communication. This also demonstrating them being a developed society as together they were evidently able to construct and formulate a way of communication with each other and even had the ability and talent to learn to perform their language in several different methods.

Finally, the amount of decoration put into the making and design of this stela reveals that the society were hard and precise workers who enabled a lot of talent into their pieces of work. The stela itself had been carved in a certain shape, rectangular except for the curved top weighing 16.2 kilograms with a height of 46.5 centimetres. This would have endured hard work and time of specific shaping and cutting. The detail of the figures and text found across the stela demonstrates exquisite detail, indicating the precision of the society of workers at that time. This is also revealed through the raised and sunken work of carving throughout the stela. It has also been discovered that this stela is from the 19th Dynasty, indicating that the fact it was so well preserved for so long is a credit to the workers of the society at that time as their hard work, effort and detail resulted in a monument being able to survive for thousands of years.

Overall, through this stela, a lot of information is revealed not only about the society themselves but their actions during the time they were alive. It indicates that their society was an artistic, creative, literate, religious and hard working society. Through the work found in the inscriptions and the carvings of leaders, this is clearly evident. It is also clear that they were a hierarchal system and followed, highly praised and adored their leaders of a Pharaoh and Queen during the time. Through these carvings of figures we were also able to understand the fashion of the society and understand the differences between those who were wealthy, and those who were poor.


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