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As such, a vivid image of the product that you introduce will impress deeply on the minds of consumers. Last but not the least, it is also important to be a good listener. During my sales, I kept talking about the good points of our product rather than figure out the consumer’ s need. I later realized that it is improper in selling. When a consumer is complaining and discerning your product or service, do not try to interrupt immediately. I realize that I should be a good listener with the method of asking question and using body language including nodding and smiling.

The sales experience is over, like yesterday. Sales can improve my interpersonal skills. Among a month of practice, I accumulate the experience and skills of sales and realize the sales are not about luck but really a great art. I should need more practice to improve my selling skills.

Now, I am majoring in International Economic and Trade. I am sure what I am learning now will give me a lot of help and preparation for my future job. I think that Sales is going to be a part of my future career.

Firstly, being a salesman enables me to meet different people in my daily life. Among them maybe I can have my friend in my life. When I have difficulties, they will try their best to help me. I think it’s the most cherish fortune during the whole life. In my mind, it’s quite interesting.

Secondly, selling products is a big challenge for me. When I have different trade with different people, I will meet different situations that I cannot imagine before. It is so wonderful and charming because my life is full of challenge.

In order to prepare for my future, I need to arm myself with knowledge. To move on, I need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to get what I want and study the market properly and make sure what I really want to do in my future career. I believe that if I achieve little goals step by step, I will become what I think myself suppose to be in the future.


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