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Individual Assignment Environmental Pollution

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(Giving bicycles and tennis shoes through raffles as incentives for attending the meeting) Public awareness is a vital matter to boost residents change in habits, not only for individual gains, but for the decrease in pollution.

Greener Solutions

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation “ Studies show that trees improve air and water quality, reduce flooding, reduce cooling and heating energy needs, increase property values and improve the quality of life for people and wildlife around them.” (Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas, 2013). Establishing green spaces and urban forestry will cost approximately $4.2 million. Initial step is to work with the Urban and Community Forestry group to conserve green spaces to monitor growth and refresh city centers and mature suburbs by enforcing their plans and incorporating our plans to strengthen the delivery to the people. Setting building zones which place individuals outside the forestry is an effort to care for the urban forest regions. Encouraging a city composting will aid with recycling, replenish, and fertilization. Encouraging public awareness and recycling aids to preserve the woodlands and decreases pollution. Designating composting regions and boosting residents to deliver certain household remainders such as food skins, paper, cardboard, and additional composting materials.

The reported actions regarding environmental issues will bring necessary actions towards fixing the pollution issue. The public reaction to the decisions and information will increase awareness and decreases pollution. By focusing on establishing current laws, public awareness, and actions, which decreases pollution and encouraging recycling efforts and urban areas composting, this can replenish and preserve the environment. These pollution measures will set better lifestyles of reducing pollution and preserving the environment. Making decisions about environmental issues will bring necessary maintenance of a fine balance between the effectiveness of measures and public reaction towards them. The public reaction to the decisions will affect the effectiveness of the decisions. There has to be a balance between the pollution control measures and what the public will accept. This plan will be extremely successful when all the environmental groups are involve in the plan; it will strengthen the power to achieve the goal and unite the communities.



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