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Can an Individual Make a Difference?

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Can an individual make a difference?


Can an individual make a difference?

People almost always follow what they have around them in their environment, and it will depend on many aspects, like location, society, culture and others. Nowadays most of the people keep living in the same way, just getting accustomed to what they have in their environment. In most of the cases, an individual will behave depending on which environment he or she has grown. But it always has to be like that? When people hear the phrase “make a change” or “make a difference”, they probably think of somebody making a revolution or changing the whole word. But actually an individual can change just his life and probably the life of the people that are around him.

Even though the environment is an important and influential aspect of an individual’s life, it will not define what an individual could be or do, if there is the desire to make a difference. History has shown many people making a difference in their lives and even around the word, although they have grown in difficult environments. They were able to become professionals, activist or presidents, like Nelson Mandela for example.

They are many people saying that you have to be realistic, is not a bad advice, but it is not the best advice in some cases. What about people that live in a difficult environment or in social risk? Do they have to be realistic about their situation? An individual can get stuck trying to be “realistic” instead of trying to go forward, to think different and strive to complete their dreams.

Make a change is about taking risk, is about trying something new, something different, something that people don’t know if it would works or fails. An individual can make a difference in many areas, but it is necessary to be focus on what he or she would like to achieve, or in the aspect that they want to change. We don’t know what could happen if we don’t try it.


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