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Fishing - Personal Essay

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the fishing rod, and carefully recover the rod. It’s a heavy one, the fishing rod bended at a level that it seems like it’s going to break. “Finally, my first—bottle?” She looked at the bottle she held, impressively, and recognized it was the exact same bottle as the one she threw away. “This is strange…” Annie said. She opened the bottle again, and found out that there was another line beneath her handwriting, “I am someone who lives deep into the water.” Who could that be? As Annie thought about the possibilities of this mysteries friend, the news she saw this morning flashed pass her mind. ‘…Nine Valley… her corpse left under the water…’ Annie came to a sudden realize that she was standing right in the river where the young girl drowned. A seven-year-old girl is just the age suitable for making more friends, and she would be lonely under the water, which increases the chance of her writing this letter. Annie got terrified at this thought and she even hoped this wasn’t some prank. But she was still frightened. “There was a ghost talking to me!!” She shouted and stumbled towards the shore, feeling a hand coming from the water that tries to pull her down. At a blink of an eye, she was far away from the river with her fishing tool, running madly towards the nearest bus stop. ‘I will never come back to this river, never!’ She swore in her own voice, ‘In order to minimize the possibilities for her to drown me to make me be her friend!”

What Annie doesn’t know is that deep in the water, so deep that no one could possibility dive to, there is a cave, where the ugliest fish in the world live— blobfish. He has been alone for over a decade. He had no friend, not a single fish would like to talk to him, because he was so bad looking and looked abominable. When the night has fall, he sat disappointedly on the entrance of the cave, curious and puzzled, asking himself, “Why isn’t she replying? Am I that unpopular that a human doesn’t even want to be friend with me?”


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