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Three Idiots Movie Review

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Every work has some good sides and bad sides. From my own supervision I observed some good sides and bad sides of this movie. The movie embodies importance, inspirational and life changing lessons that is not commonly seen in most films. There are several life lessons being taught in the film. Among these lessons the most important are the pursuit of excellence through passion and not just the pursuit of success, the importance of life and its beauty and the significant of hard work as well as the danger of living a mediocre life. Another good side of the movie is the movie was low budget but it gains higher success despites of its budget. It gathers many national awards in indoor as well as outdoor. For bad sides if we pay attention at the ending of the movie, it spoils the whole interest that is created from the beginning of the movie. The movie represents real university life but the birth scene is something that can’t happen in real life. The girl gave birth on a table in an office. Moreover, when the baby dies after birth, he is again revived from just a silly statement “All is well”. So the last part of the movie lacks reality. Throughout the movie we see that there is no respect paid to the teachers. Amir Khan and his friends are portrayed as heroes when they humiliate and tease their teachers by their funny mischief. Also the scene in which “silencer” is asked to deliver a speech in respect of his teachers, is made funny by the addition of abusive language which shows the negative aspect of the movie.


Overall the movie “3 Idiots” is a wonderful mixture of human emotions, love, success, failure, ambition and struggle. . This movie teaches us running after excellence not for success. The student should not accepting the givens blindly rather questioning. They should go for inventing and experimenting in lieu of copying. And the most important thing is one should follow hearts calling if one truly want to make a difference. For this one have to sincere not serious. If we are doing the work we love the most then workplace becomes a playground. Our efficiency increases by many folds and quickly we start to progress in life at such a pace that there’s nothing which can stop us from reaching our goals. This is very important to live a life full of fun and excitement. If we believe in our self, we open many doors for opportunities to strike. We force our self to be the best version of us. Sometimes believing in our self is the only thing we need, and so does 3 idiots teaches us. The heart is very coward just tell us to relax – Al Izzzz Well….


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