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Three Dimensional Artwork Review

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a celebration of a successful life in this lifetime. Coffins are usually square and boring, yet moving onto another form is represented in honor through his work. It gives an emotional and spiritual experience to the viewer. This detailed polychrome sculpture/coffin is large in size, bright in color and detailed which gives people joy during a sad time.

Both sculptured artworks have further meaning then just a mask and coffin. They give emotions to the viewer. Many objects in our daily lives are three dimensional and I’ve learned to stop and think why was it shaped a certain way, or why was it made of a certain material. In artwork, it’s the same important process. The artist identifies with their work and conveys this to the viewer. I believe plaster was used in Jones’s artwork because it allowed for him to show emotion and give further meaning to the work. I believe Kwei wood carving was likely due to resources available to him, yet he is able to capture the meaning of life through his work. In these artworks it important to remember the size of each piece as this also conveys further meaning to its form. These types of work are carved and constructed all around giving a bigger purpose to the work. Such as celebrating life and identifying with your heritage. I’ve learned sculpture is created through different processes and their form also gives expressive qualities. I’ve started looking at all artworks differently, and understanding the materials and techniques all contribute to the content.

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