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Article Review - We Don’t Do God - Managing Religious Expression in the Workplace

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The other section that Dr. Hambler focused on his paper is about conscientious objection due to religious beliefs. He said religious convictions may experience difficulties with performing an aspect of a normal job role due to conflicts with religious-based conscience. He gave an example of a Muslim worker who refused to serve a customer during Ramadan because the customer wanted to buy meet and wine. In this case, I believe it is important to explain to all employees that providing a legal service to customer does not mean agreeing on it. For example, some banks provide legal services to their clients, and those services might not be compliant with Shira-Law. Therefore, all employees are required to serve their clients if they ask for these services; even though, some employees might not agree with the service.

The last point that Dr. Hambler talked about in terms of religious expression is religious speech. He said that organizations should be very careful not to penalize the voicing of unfashionable religious opinions outside of a work context.

In conclusion, Dr. Andrew Hambler's article was titled We don’t do God’ (but maybe we should?): managing religious expression in the workplace. In his paper, he discussed religious expression and the extent to which it should be tolerate in the workplace. He focused on four sections about religious expression in the workplace: dress/personal appearance, working time, conscientious objection and religious speech. Dr. Hambler also gave examples that support his point of view.


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