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Casablanca Movie Review

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The movie had many successful components that effectively united to create this masterpiece. However, from the entire film, a scene that really caught my attention was the moment when Richard had helped the male win the game in poker, as he told him to choose the number 22. This was one of favourite scenes, because the male’s wife was going to give sexual activity for money, but since Richard helped the male win, there was no need of that. This also shows even if some is patriotic, they could still have a good heart, and are willing to help others. This was the most interesting moment in the film for me, as many people judge others due to their actions, and think they cannot commit a good deed, which is false, as shown through Richards actions.

Although black and white movies seem to be unappealing, there’s always a sense of class that comes with it. If Casablanca was to be a movie that consisted of colour, it would attract many of the younger audience; however, by doing so it diminishes the class it holds. By being black and white, Casablanca ensures the viewer that they are watching a classic, and with a classic comes the superb performance that everyone expects. Moreover, as this scenery is set to be in World War II, the black and white colors make the movie much more effective and suitable when it comes to displaying the setting. Also, the decision to use black and white scenery will make the movie seem unique in contrast to the other modern movies. All in all, I believe that Casablanca would not be as effective if it were in colour.

I would recommend this movie to teens and adults 17 and up, as the plot should be easy to comprehend at that age. This movie contains romance, thrill, and suspense throughout the one hour and 42 minutes. The mixture of continues romance, thrill and suspense makes it very enjoyful. All in all, Casablanca was one of the best movies I’ve watched to date!


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