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National Society of Professional Engineers

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Code of Ethics for Engineers (Summary)


Rules of practice for the professionals of engineering.

Basically the engineering is a profession that has a direct vital impact in the quality of life for all the people and therefore the proportionate services by the engineers require honesty, impartiality and equity, and has to be devoted to the protection of the public health, security, and welfare.

To continuation, stands out some of the most important appearances in where the engineers, in the fulfillment of his ethical and professional duties, will owe:

* The engineers have to have the security, the health and welfare of the public.

* The engineers will have to make alone services in the areas of his competition.

* The engineers will issue public statements only in an aim and sincere way.

* The engineers will act for each employer or customer like faithful agents.

Professional and ethical obligations for the Engineers.

* The engineers have to be guided in all his relations by the more standard heights of honesty and integrity.

* The engineers will encourage at all times to serve to the public interest.

* The engineers will have to avoid all behavior or practical that deceive to the public.

* The engineers do not have to spread, without consent, confidential information related with the commercial subjects or the technical processes of any customer or employer current or previous, or public entity in which they serve.

* The engineers do not have to be influenced in his professional duties by conflictive interests.

* The engineers will not have to treat to obtain employment or promotion or professional commitments criticizing falsely to other engineers or by other wrong or questionable methods.

* The engineers will not try to damage, wanton or falsely, direct or indirectly, the professional reputation, the perspectives, the practice or the employment of other engineers.

* The engineers that think that others are guilty of practices little ethical or illegal will have to present said information to the competent authority for the action.

* The engineers will accept the personal responsibility by his professional activities, with the condition, however, that the engineers can request compensation by services that arise of his practice by a grave negligence, when the interests of the engineer cannot protect of another way.

* The engineers will


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