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Say No to Student Unions

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A lot of scandals have come into the electronic media in which these unions are involved but no action has been taken against them, just because they have power and support of political party. Many students have lost their lives during clashes of these unions filled with blood that goes without check. Beating and killing of students has become quite general due to their clashes.

The disadvantages of students entering politics outnumbered the advantages. Due to the affiliation of the student unions with the political parties, the top level dirty politics is implemented to the student level. The students who are part of these unions are not even close to the academic level for which they join the college or university, ignoring the very reason for which they were admitted. It is a grim reality that most of the students join these unions because of the power these unions possess. The power that enables students to terrorize others and get away with it, the power that allows them to pass the examination without having to open the books and the power of weapons which they can use to demand respect for themselves. It is just because they have knotted in the dirty game of politics. Political unions teach students to put an end to all rules and regulations and they become disruptive, violent, nasty and disobedient. These unions are funded by their respective political parties and ammunition is also provided to them by the parties. Use of drugs in the hostels has become quite common in those institutes where these unions exist. The environment of hostel is greatly disturbed due to these unions and the other students living there feel it quite uncomfortable and disturbing. When there is too much of hooliganism entering in the educational institutes, even police is to be called sometimes and there is sheer disorder in the campus and even bullets find their way among the students.

After studying the pros and cons of the students’ participation in politics, it is concluded that disadvantages are more destructive than the gains acquired. For all the advantages students gain, can as well be achieved so in other ways and there is no need for their entry in the politics.

Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan said “the students should complete their education first and then they should join politics.” Students must stay away from politics and retain their interest in studies which alone can help them shove the ships of their lives. Students have nothing to do with the politics; they have to devote their full attention for their physical, mental, academic and religious growth. Students should not follow the slogans and dogmas of the so-called politicians who state themselves to be their friends, well wishers and saviours. Due to this affiliation they become more like gangsters instead of noble students working for the wellbeing and grooming of the fellow students.

The disruptive behavior and turbulence among the students prove that the modern politics has totally failed to deal with their problems. The students should not be allowed to take active part in politics. The fault does not lie with the students who are as fragile as the new branch of a new plant; the fault lies with the politicians who try to use the young blood for the welfare of their own party.

In the modern age and especially in the present circumstances, will be the best thing for students to say good bye to politics until they complete their education.

Students unions are a good concept if the purpose and the objective is to promote the civic characteristics in the students but if we once again observe the bloody and nasty clashes in colleges and universities between PSF, MSF, PkSF, ISF, IJT, APMSO and other student wings then it would be better if these unions stay banned.

The most important point is that the government should take action to liberate all the educational institutes from the political power. Because of political power, clashes take place among the parties every other day in the educational institutes. There is a lot of political indulgence in our institutes due to which students have to suffer. Thus the whole system has to undergo an extreme change.

Student unions can serve and reinforce the cause of students in an academic institute. It is not the right time for their restoration. It is necessary that the system of education be improved first in which education goes first rather than the power of dirty politics.



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