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China's Political System

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China's political system


Diego Díaz Wilson August 18, 2016

China’s Communist Party.

Throughout history, China has been in the center of people’s eyes trying to figure out, why is it that along with the idea of China’s communist political ideology it has still managed to become the world’s second largest economy? May political scientists studied this phenomenon in order to get a clear theory, Eric Li, a venture capitalist and political scientist that argues that the universality claim of Western democratic system is going to be “morally challenged” by China. His point of view as someone who was born in shanghai in the middle of the cultural revolution. During one of his talks he goes over the idea of how he was taught that humanities where born in linear progression beginning with primitive society, then slave society, feudalism, capitalism, socialism and finally communism. According to these ideas, every society regardless of their cultural, language or nationality would arrive at this final stage of political and social development with the idea that the entire world’s population would unify and become a Paradise on earth. Before getting there, the world must first go through a struggle between socialism and capitalism with the idea of socialism reaching its victory. All these ideas come straight from Karl Marx, philosopher whose ideas were followed by about one third of the earth’s population. On the other side, another great idea of how the world should act in order to reach Paradise on earth. This idea also stated that world society developed in linear progression towards a singular end. This theory stated that all societies regardless of culture must progress from traditional societies in which groups are the basic unit to modern societies. In this societies all individuals have what’s known as rationality and one of the most important ideals of these individuals is the right to vote. Due to their rationality and their right to vote, they produce good government and in that way they reach their “Paradise in earth” once again. In order for this idea to spread properly around the globe, the constant fight between socialism and capitalism, capitalism had different ways of spreading their believes around the world which usually involved the use of force against those who believed in socialism. According to the Freedom House, entity which undergoes investigations y promotes democracy, liberty and human rights, from the year 1950 to 1970 the world went from having 22 electoral democracies to 115. This ideal of democracies and success around the world involving capitalism went along with the concept of globalization making this idea certain to success and failure. With all this said and all the ideas merging into societies who believed in this, china did not agree with this way of thinking. This also shows how mistaken the capitalist way of thinking was due to the progress that china achieved in almost 30 years. 30 years in which china went from the poorest agricultural country in the world to the second largest economy. With over 650 million people lifted out of poverty. This proved that all the democratic parties around


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