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Final Project Semester 1

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- Storage and disposal of food. An Assistant Cook is usually responsible for the storage of food, both incoming stock and leftovers. A Assistant Cook will often assist in unloading delivery trucks and ensuring that food is stored in the appropriate conditions. After food service, the Assistant Cook is responsible for determining if leftovers of either prepared or partially prepared food can be reused or if they must be disposed of.

- Testing Recipes. Assistant Cooks are often called upon to help Executive Chefs test new recipes.

- Recording Supply Use. Assistant Cooks will be asked to keep track of what supplies they use to aid in re-ordering supplies as necessary.

- Clean and prepare cooking station. The Assistant Cooks will be responsible for his or her own station, ensuring that all items are appropriately cleaned and ready for use before and after each shift. During food service, the Assistant Cook is responsible for keeping the station in working order and fully stocked.

- Food preparation. The Assistant Cook is responsible for preparing items prior to a meal service, such as chopping vegetables, butchering meat, or cleaning seafood.

- Maintain Sanitation Standards. The Assistant Cook is responsible for ensuring that the kitchen meets sanitation standards as set by the Executive Chef and local regulatory bodies.

The job description for a waiter or waitress in my restaurant are :

- Check patrons' identification in order to ensure that they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.

- Collect payments from customers.

- Write patrons' food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.

- Take orders from patrons for food or beverages.

- Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.

- Serve food and/or beverages to patrons; prepare and serve specialty dishes at tables as required.

The job description for an accountant in my restaurant are :

- Prepare, examine, and analyze accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.

- Compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting and other tax requirements.

- Analyze business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice.

- Report to management regarding the finances of establishment.

- Establish tables of accounts, and assign entries to proper accounts.

- Develop, maintain, and analyze budgets, preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.

Why i make it into these ways ? Because i want to recruit enough employees (not too small and not too big number of employees) to help me to operate my restaurant but i recruit the qualified employees those who could perform the best to my customers, they are initiative means that without ordering them to do something, innovative, they will responsible to all their jobs and they have the sense of belongings to my restaurant so they will work happily without feel any pressures or take as burdens. I think these ways are very effective and efficient because before i recruit them, i have already attach the duties or job descriptions to each position that the applicants can consider their skills to what the appropriate job’s position should they apply.

- Suppose that i have opened my restaurant and i am the owner manager of my restaurant, i need to promote the foods in my restaurant in order to reach the values of my restaurant. Before i open my restaurant, i should know what are my market’s targets to be my customers of my restaurant and i have to observe what foods do they need or like so my restaurant will exists in a long period and i can have many loyal customers, making new customers, make all my customers satisfied with the foods in my restaurant and also open many branches of my restaurant. After that, i need to make promotion to promote the menus in my restaurant. The promotion is like making some promos such as give discounts for my customers whom already have member’s card of my restaurant. So, the new customers will think that it is better to have member’s card because they will get discounts. This promotion means that i can get my loyal customers because of providing member’s card to my customers. Then, in order to make new customers coming to my restaurant is creating the innovations of the menus of my restaurant. We will colaborate the foods to become new foods and new tastes of our foods. It means that we can create new menus every week for our customers so our customers don’t feel bored and they can taste many various foods in our menus. Next, in order to make my restaurant can spread and open many branches, i need to have many networks from others. Because, having many networks can help our business grow wider and wider. Find the best partners and they have the same values with us. And also, i have to create the great managing system of my restaurant so my restaurant will different than the others restaurants.


- Operations management is the area concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation in support and development of the firm's strategic goals. Other areas of concern to operations management include the design and operations of systems to provide goods and services. Operations management contributes to the value of the firm with planning, scheduling, and control of the activities that transform inputs (raw materials and labor) into outputs (finished goods and services). A set of recognized and well-developed concepts, tools, and techniques belong within the framework considered operations management. While the term operations management conjures up views of manufacturing environments, many of these concepts have been applied in service settings, with some of them actually developed specifically for service organizations. Operations management focuses on the effective planning, scheduling, use, and control of a manufacturing or service firm and their operations.

- Financial Management contributes to the value of the


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