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Knowledge Management Final Project Report on Hospitality Inn Core Knowledge Management

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- About the Group

- Management Services

- Land Development

- Home Lifestyles

- Concepts

- Hotels


The group was established over half a century ago by its founder Chairman, Mr. T. L. Khawaja, who set up a printing and publishing house in 1957. This business grew many folds in a short span of time and soon Mr. Khawaja started looking for other areas of expansion. In 1960, he got involved in the real estate development business which, in due course, grew to become the principal activity of the group. Since then, the group has been involved in development of numerous residential as well as commercial projects.

In 1981, Mr. Khawaja established the hotel division of the business. This division now operates several hotels representing various international brands worldwide.

The group possesses an immaculate team of professionals and currently employs over 1,000 people globally.

Maverick Group continues to grow worldwide at a steady pace and intends to keep its focus towards real estate ventures and provision of management services.



The success and stable growth of Maverick hinges upon its team which consists of seasoned professionals having a command on management strategies.

We specialize in provision of management solutions to all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size.

Be it the establishment of sound standard operating procedures or introduction of strong internal controls. From setting up of systems to training of management and staff. Whether it is a marketing challenge or a crucial decision making issue. We possess expertise in handling all management and administrative challenges faced by businesses.

We have successfully advised professional practices, construction and development concerns, manufacturing outfits, buyers, sellers, investors, small businesses and a host of other operations from different walks of commerce and industry.

We also specialize in complicated projects like management of hotels (project management, development, stabilization and operations).

Contact us for advice on your one off and/or ongoing management issues.


We deliver professional expertise in development of raw land suitable for residential, mixed use commercial, and office projects primarily in Central Florida, with a presence in UK as well as Asia.

The development process includes meticulous research in selecting areas with high growth potential followed by tedious efforts to physically identify vacant land parcels.

Our team possesses rich experience in successfully negotiating terms and closing deals with a view to achieve an optimum level of satisfaction for the sellers.



Maverick Concepts is the trading wing of our group.

With direct and indirect presence in three continents and four countries of the world, it was a given that the group would start to explore price arbitraging between global markets and synergizing resources worldwide.

Consequently, Maverick took the lead in mastering the concept of introducing “unique” products in new markets.

As a first step, we introduced and launched a unique product in USA with the name of “Ancient Ionic Crystal”. The product was an instant hit and demand completely outstripped supplies and available stocks.

We continue to research upon new and unique ideas, and intend to launch other products and services in future.



Hospitality Inn was established in 1995. It’s a franchise of USA Hotel Maverick International They pay certain agreed amount to Maverick International for using their name. They have only one investor in Local Party which name is Lahore Agencies Corporation. Property Name is Hospitality Inn but all the taxation and registration with SECP is in name of Lahore Agency.

- Hospitality Inn presents the concept that embodies every essence of luxury. Providing unrivaled quality services that are of the highest standards, it is changing the style people perceive idea of the lavish accommodation in Pakistan.

- Immersed in a historical setting complemented by a genuine family atmosphere, you will experience authentic relaxation, treated warmly by our butlers, men and women keen to make your stay unique and groovy.

- A major strength lies in the property of the hotel which is positioned at the prime location of the city.

- Hospitality Inn consists of different types including Executive suites, Club floor, non smoking floors and Luxury deluxe. All guestrooms have been provided with the facilities that are expected in a hotel of high class to suit utmost comforts of the guests.

- Rooms are replete with The Holy ​Quran LED​, (satellite) cable,​minibar​, air conditioner and electric kettle, iron stand and laundry service for the guests. Executive suites have fruit ​baskets ​also.

- White marble floors, carpeted lobbies, ornamented walls make Hospitality Inn a perfect place for visitors. The basic services provided at Hospitality Inn Lahore comprise the executive floor, coffee shop, tuck shop.

- In addition, for the leisure and sports activities of guests, hotel is provided with the facilities of gym, sauna, and steam room. The hairdressing saloon facility is also available for the guests.

This hotel is recognized by a combination of traditional elements of Lahore with modern comfort, this makes it a unique accommodation. Our multilingual staff is committed to providing guests with gracious personal service. Hospitality Inn Lahore gives online reservation service


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