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Changes and Continuities in Sub Saharan Africa from 1450 to the Present

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Africa is the continuation of the belief in both Islam and Animism. Islamic North African states heavily influenced Sub-Saharan societies which resulted in a rich and diverse culture. One example of this is Swahili, which is the combination of Arabic and native African languages. To this day, animism and animistic beliefs still play a large role in African societies. One of the main reasons why it continues to remain unchanged is because of Africa’s geography and location. Because of where it is located, and its surrounding geography, certain areas of Africa are very decentralized and isolated. An isolated region would have no outside influence on their beliefs and religion, therefore they do not change.

Another thing that continued in Sub-Saharan African societies is the very liberal roles of women. African women maintained a very high position in their societies, unlike their European counterparts who were seen weak, inferior, and in-need of protection by men. Women played strong roles in Sub-Saharan Africa and occupied more prominent positions in society. African women were able to have various jobs like midwives, healers, and field and finances. Some were even granted roles as politicians such as Nzinga of Ndongo, a queen who led a resistance against the Portuguese in the 17th century.

Many changes and continuities happened in Sub saharan Africa from 1450 to the present. Changes can be seen in the increase and spread of Christianity, and other outside religions, as well as the normalization of polygamy. Christianity also increased in popularity and became a rival for traditional Polytheism. Continuities can be seen in cultural beliefs, the continuing influence of islam and the independent gender roles of women. Similar changes were seen in places such as Latin America because the Europeans invaded there too. Overall, many things changed in Sub-Saharan Africa and many things stayed the same. the changes and continuities helped to shape Africa to how it is today.


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