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Academic Research and Writting

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that sexual reproduction was a basic physiological need.

The model consists of many five levels. Maslow argues that once the basic level needs are fulfilled i.e. Air food water and sex are met the next “hierarchical” or “rational” need is for safety. An organisation must concentrate on invoking a sense of “Belonging” to the organisation by keeping them informed, involved and sharing the success.

Self-actualization is the summit of Maslow’s motivation theory. It is about the quest of reaching one’s full potential as a person. Unlike lower level needs, this need is never fully satisfied; as one grows psychologically there are always new opportunities to continue to grow.

Self-actualized people tend to have motivators such as:





Self-actualized persons have frequent occurrences of peak experiences, which are energized moments of profound happiness and harmony. According to Maslow, only a small percentage of the population reaches the level of self-actualization.

Esteem Needs and my work

After the first three needs have been observed, esteem needs become increasingly important because at this point the employee has gain the respect and appreciation by the company. However, I have no got any recognition or appreciations. Therefore, this condition has pushed feelings of failure or inferiority.

Esteem Needs

After a person feels that they “belong”, the urge to attain a degree of importance emerges. Esteem needs can be categorized as external motivators and internal motivators.

Some examples of esteem needs are:

Recognition (external motivator)

Attention (external motivator)

Social Status (external motivator)

Accomplishment (internal motivator)

Self-respect (internal motivator)

Maslow later improved his model to add a layer in between self-actualization and esteem needs: the need for aesthetics and knowledge.

Social Needs

Once a person has met the lower level physiological and safety needs, higher level motivators awaken. The first level of higher level needs are social needs. Social needs are those related to interaction with others and may include:


Belonging to a group

Giving and receiving love

Safety Needs

Once physiological needs are met, one’s attention turns to safety and security in order to be free from the threat of physical and emotional harm. Such needs might be fulfilled by:

Living in a safe area

Medical insurance

Job security

Financial reserves

According to the Maslow hierarchy, if a person feels threatened, needs further up the pyramid will not receive attention until that need has been resolved. These Physiological Needs are air, water food shelter. According to my jobs these needs are fulfilled. Therefore

Physiological Needs

Physiological needs are those required to sustain life, such as:






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