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The City That Never Sleeps

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bewildered by what it was but when my eyes adjusted i saw that it was an officer and he mumbled something to me but it was inaudible, yet I knew the general idea of what he was saying. He had probably said something like.

“You can’t loiter around here”

That’s what they always said, although some were nicer than others I didn’t hate the officers for doing this because it was their job. I got up and woke my dog and went on walking aimlessly until I started seeing morning joggers and sanitation workers beginning their day. I turned on 53rd avenue into downtown and reached my destination. I was outside the door and all I heard was the sounds of kids jumping and yelling. I rang the doorbell and a lady appeared. As soon as she saw me she met me with a grim stare. All the little kids popped out their little heads and said hi, there were exactly 13 of them.

“I told you already, you don’t need to do this” she said firmly

“It’s the least i could do” I said even firmer

I emptied to contents of the coffee cup into her hands and left 4 dollars for a hotdog, water and dog food. I left not uttering another word and continued on my daily routine and made my way down to 39th street. Meanwhile I did envy the rich yet I never wanted to become one of them because it to me it seemed that they lose sight of what’s important and that is the consideration for other human lives. They say home is where you find it and for me that is New York City. Once again the sound of my footsteps were drowned out by the sheer noise the ge


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