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A Detailed Lesson in English III

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Bulacan State University

City of Malolos. Bulacan

College of Education

A Semi-detailed Lesson Plan in Afro Asian Literature

Teaching Approach: Collaborative Learning

Strategy: Role Playing


At the end of the period,the students should be able to;

1. Identify the significance of Literature and culture in our daily lives.;

2.Reflect on the morals that "Pakistan and Bangladesh: Learning from beliefs" showcase;

3.Make a role playing activity that shows different cultures of different countries.

II.Subject Mater

Topic : Appreciating Literature "Pakistan and Bangladesh : Learning from beliefs"

Reference : Ribo, Lourdes M. Language in Literature 8: Afro-Asian Literature. K to 12 Edition. Vibal Publishing House, Inc


1.The teacher presents a picture of different people with different nationalities and asked the students about their prior knowledge in identifying those pictures

2.the teacher asked questions about the contribution of culture in the history.

3The teacher introduce the lesson ,Appreciating Literature using literary piece " Pakistan and Bangladesh : Learning from Beliefs "

4.The teacher asked about adjectives and its types

5.using the same selection,the teacher asked the students to identify the adjective used in the selection .

IV.Enrichment activity

1.The teacher will group the class into three

2. Each group are asked to brainstorm different cultures of different countries and make a role play out of the chosen culture.The group presentation will last for 3-5 minutes.


With the same story,identify the factors that affects the readers view about literary pieces or stories

• the author

•olorigin of the story


•main idea if the story

•moral of the story



Work as a group,look for any literary story that great lt afects the view of the readers upon reading it.It can be a love story,romance,tragedy etc.


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