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Holiday Inn's Job Satisfaction

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research in this field which it will be immensely helpful to find out the

actual scenario of the library personnel in Bangladesh. So, it is significant to identify the level

of job satisfaction among library professionals in Bangladesh which will be more effective for

the library professionals in the country.

Research Design of the Study


The data will be gathered about Job satisfaction level of library professionals in Bangladesh

for finding out the answers of the research questions. Survey method will be adopted, using

questioning technique for gathering data.

A survey is a method of collecting information about a human population. In a survey, direct

(or indirect) contact is made with the units of the study by using systematic methods of

measurement such as questionnaires and interviews. To determine the purpose of a survey,

two questions must be asked: (1) what information is wanted or needed, and (2) where can

this information be found. Information may be obtained from a specific group or a broader.

The population of interest (unit of study) can be identified in a country, state, city, or local


Data collection Technique

Data will be gathered through a structured questionnaire and interview. Questionnaire will be

designed and tested properly before using them to collect actual data. The questionnaire will

be handed over to the authority during the month of July for onward distribution. A structured

tool was divided by two sections: Section-I will use for measuring the level of job satisfaction

of the library professionals and it will include the short form of Minnesota Satisfaction

Questionnaire (MSQ 1967).The first section of the questionnaire will elicit background

information, such as faculty status, rank, salary, tenure and other benefits, gender, and

department of respondent. Section-II will design for collecting personal information from the

respondents. The data will be collected using a structured questionnaire and interview

regarding the level of job satisfaction, job affecting facets, proper guideline to improve the

level of job satisfaction, professional’s attitude towards library job. The ‘Z’ test statistical

methods were used to test the hypothesis.

Intended Sample

The population to be covered will consist of staffs of libraries in Bangladesh. But among the

population, we will not cover all of them in research purpose. For this reason, we will

determine sample. Staff’s will be chosen by clustered sampling techniques. At least 20 zilla’s

all library staff about 300 staff will be the sample. We will select zilla’s from 7 divisions in

Bangladesh by cluster sampling. Which zilla’s will be select, library staff of these zilla will be

the sample.

Multiple-step method of selecting test samples from a population by first dividing the

population into mutually exclusive and exhaustive groups and then randomly selecting some

of the groups for testing is called cluster sampling. Use a large sample size as time and funds

allow. If you use a smaller sample size, it is more likely that your sample will cluster around a

mean that does not represent your population.

Analysis of Data

The data will be analyzed using both descriptive and Statistical Package for the Social

Sciences (SPSS).


Budget for the project is given here:

1. Books and journals Tk. 2,000

2. Stationary and postage Tk. 1,000

3. Travel Tk. 8,000

4. Printing Tk. 2,500

5. Photocopy Tk. 500

6. Miscellaneous Tk. 1,000


Total = Tk. 15,000

Anticipated Results

Job facets have significant influences on job satisfaction of library professionals of

Bangladesh .The professionals are not satisfied enough in library profession. As most of the

people in Bangladesh live below the poverty line, so library professionals are not satisfied

with his salary, rank & social status. Because the professionals of libraries are believed that

rank of their position is first class but most of the time there is no promotion in this job field.

This study proposed a model for job satisfaction level of library professionals in Bangladesh.

Time Table

Designing of the questionnaire -2 weeks

Distribution of questionnaire & conduct of interview - 8 weeks

Analysis of data - 4 weeks

Writing of the final report - 2 weeks


Total Time = 4 months


 Hosel,


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