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The Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction


Proulex Jobs Level 4.

Teacher.- Arturo Cervantes

Student.- Ram Ven


The Job Satisfaction is something important for any company, also and mainly for the workers of the it; Therefore, because humanist approaches postulate its importance as a facilitator of productivity in organizations, it is necessary to analyze and practice it professionally.

Then, Job Satisfaction is the degree of employee compliance with their environment and working conditions. It is a very important issue, since it is directly related to the good progress of the company, the quality of the work and the levels of profitability and productivity.

Understanding organizational behavior has never before been as important as today, who integrate organizations, are concerned about the improvement of organizational behavior. The manager, the professional, the clerk and the operator, all they work with other people, which influences the quality of life that develops in the workplace. In this context, the managers who represent the administrative system (those who make the decisions) should try to know the bases of organizational behavior as a means to improve relations between people and the organization. Managers try to create an environment in which people feel motivated, work more productively and are more efficient.

This term in contemporary life has become so important that many try to define it and for example, one of the many concepts that we have and that I think is accurate is the following: “Job satisfaction has been defined as the result of several attitudes that a worker has toward his job, concrete factors (such as the company, the supervisor, co-workers, salaries, promotions, working conditions, etc.) and life in the workplace general (Blum and Naylor 1988) ".

Then, based on everything mentioned and within a work environment that is related in every way with the people and direct treatment, the comfort and satisfaction that employees feel for their work, will generate greater performance in this.

As far as the character in the film is concerned, I think he had so many conflicts with his work, that he became such a lazy person, out of place with his way of protesting, but, of course, the supervisor had blame the behavior and attitude of their employees.

For me, the best option to deal with such situations would be to talk about it, or suggest moments to discuss the situations that are taking place; If necessary, request a vacation or a few days to relax and return more calm.

In conclusion, it is necessary to maintain a good communication and complete satisfaction


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